About us

About us

Juiste Makelaar was founded in 2018 by two brothers from Amsterdam, Bart & Youp Strietman. We started Juiste Makelaar because we experienced in practice that the search for a real estate agent is very complicated. This while the purchase or sale is an important step, as it is your most important and expensive asset. At Juiste Makelaar, we know exactly which estate agent is right for you. This is because of our estate agent data, our many users and their experiences. Because of this, we at Juiste Makelaar make the process of finding a good estate agent easier and faster. We help you answer the most important question: “How to find the right estate agent?”. Thus, our comparison system selects 2 estate agents that best match your preferences. Then you make your own decision to choose the best of the 2 estate agents.

At Juiste Makelaar, we aim for the best possible collaboration. We want to achieve this for both the buyer or seller and the estate agent. This way, the best cooperation is created and everyone is satisfied. For us, improving the choice process is key, because we believe that with the right information you can make the best choice.


Youp Strietman

Youp Strietman

“Het vinden van een makelaar is niet eenvoudig en onduidelijk. Daarom willen wij de kopers en verkopers helpen bij het vinden van de Juiste Makelaar.”
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Bart Strietman

Bart Strietman

Doordat ik bij een groot makelaarskantoor in Amsterdam heb gewerkt, weet ik precies hoe lastig het kan zijn om een geschikte makelaar te vinden. Daarom help ik graag iedereen in Nederland verder bij het vinden van een geschikte makelaar!”
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For consumers

The search for the right estate agent takes a lot of time. There are always some points that you may have doubts about. Questions like: is the estate agent familiar with the neighbourhood, what does the estate agent cost and what type of houses does the estate agent sell are important aspects that need to be answered. We can answer these questions based on your preferences. Then you decide with which estate agent you have the best click. Save yourself a time-consuming search, fill in your preferences and get in touch.

Contact & questions

Want to get in touch with us? Ask your question by calling, e-mail or WhatsApp. You can find various ways to contact us beneath.



    • Juiste Makelaar B.V.
    • H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 144
    • 1114AD, Amsterdam


  • Chamber of Commerce (KvK): 83403647
  • VAT (BTW): NL862860787B01

How does it work?


Select your preferences

Click on the red button and select your preferences.


Personalized intake and selection

We will select the number of brokers you want at your preferences.


Real estate agents get in touch

The selected real estate agents will contact you without obligation.


You choose the right agent

Finally, you choose the real estate agent that best suits you!


See below our frequently asked questions about the services provided by Juiste Makelaar.

What does Juiste Makelaar do?


We are a real estate agent comparison service active throughout the Netherlands. Based on your preferences and our unique broker database we match you to the best broker for your situation. Before we put you in contact, we will contact you to complete the matching. This way there are no surprises. Then you will receive the selected brokers by email and they will contact you themselves. Then you choose the best real estate agent for your situation.

How do you compare real estate agents?


In the application we ask a number of preferences which we combine with the available broker data. After you have filled in this information we always contact you personally so we can complete the whole comparison.

Why is comparing real estate agents necessary?


In the Netherlands there are more than 9,000 active real estate agents. This makes it difficult to determine which estate agent is best suited for your situation. Which agent uses a good buying or selling strategy and what costs do the different brokers charge. Have you become curious? Compare right away!

Can I compare real estate agents anywhere in the Netherlands?


Yes, we can help you find a suitable real estate agent throughout the Netherlands. This is partly due to our many partners, so we can help you as best we can anywhere in the Netherlands.

What is a normal fee for a real estate agent in the Netherlands?


The average sales commission of a real estate agent in the Netherlands is between 1 and 1.25 percent. However, this naturally depends on what you agree with the real estate agent in question. You can think of a bonus agreement or a different set of tasks.

What happens after I complete the equation?


Immediately after filling out your preferences, you will receive a confirmation. After that we will contact you by phone, unless you prefer to be contacted in another way. When everything is to your satisfaction, the two selected real estate agents will contact you. Finally, you decide with which real estate agent you have the best connection and with whom you want to work.

Can I also get a price list from real estate agents?


No, because all real estate agents in the Netherlands have a different working method, it is not yet possible to send a standard price list. This is partly due to various aspects, such as that you can agree performance bonuses with estate agents so that the standard commission is lower, or that you carry out a number of tasks yourself. Other reasons for not being able to give a standard price list are: the sales ranks of agent firms, the location of your home, quality of the real estate agent and extra services they  offer.

Is this application through Juiste Makelaar free of charge?


Yes it is! This application is completely free of charge for you. We are happy to put you in contact with the selected real estate agents free of charge and without any obligation. At the moment you are finally helped with buying or selling your home, we ask a small fee to the broker, which means no costs to you.