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Real estate agent in Zaandam

If you are looking for a real estate agent in Zaandam, then Juiste Makelaar can help you. At Juiste Makelaar we have developed a comparison tool that allows you to compare all estate agents in the city, so that you can always choose the right estate agent for your specific needs when selling and/or buying a home. First, we ask you to fill in your own preferences so that our system can find out which estate agents suit you best. Next, you get in touch with two estate agents, after which you can choose the final step of the estate agent comparison in Zaandam yourself. This way, you can make personal preferences count.

Costs of a real estate agent in Zaandam

Estate agents in Zaandam charge different fees for both sales and purchases. The way these costs are structured also differs. Below, we have explained how these costs are structured when buying and selling.

On what does the estate agent base the value?

During the free valuation, the estate agent will give the value of your homes in Zaandam. They do this on relevant properties that have recently sold, but of course there are more points such as:

  • Square metres and contents of the
  • Current condition of the property
  • Location and neighbourhood where the property is located
  • Recent transactions of similar properties in Zaandam

Average commission on sale

The costs of a real estate agent from Zaandam differ when buying and selling. When selling, the costs of the estate agent will be higher because the fee is based on a percentage of the final selling price, this is called a commission. The average cost of a real estate agent in Zaandam will be between 1% and 1.4% including VAT. when we talk about commission. The brokerage fee is the reward for the estate agent in the event of a successful sale.

The average home in Zaandam is sold for around €400,000 so the brokerage fees will come out to between €4,000 and €5,000 including VAT.

NOTE: Estate agent fees are often communicated exclusive of VAT, pay close attention to this.

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Average purchase agent costs

In the case of purchase, the estate agent’s costs will be determined differently. The estate agent will base his costs on a fixed tariff. However, you will often have to pay a certain amount in advance, known as the start-up costs. The start-up costs are usually around €500. Some estate agents in Zaandam work on a no cure, no pay basis. This means that if there is no successful purchase in the end, you also pay nothing to the estate agent.

Estate agents in Zaandam can help you with all kinds of services and therefore the cost depends on the amount of services you purchase. Correct Broker therefore helps you compare to see which broker suits you best based on your preferences. the average cost of a purchase agent in Zaandam is about €4,000 including VAT.

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Compare real estate agents in Zaandam

When you have made the choice to work with a real estate agent in Zaandam, you will eventually have to make a final decision to engage a real estate agent. Below are some tips on what to look out for in a purchase agent and a real estate agent when selling your home in Zaandam.

Compare purchase agents

  • Does the purchase agent accompany you to every viewing?
  • Does the purchase agent charge a fixed amount or a percentage of the purchase price?
  • Does the purchase agent have start-up costs and is it no cure, no pay?
  • How active is the buyer’s pm broker and does he know the area where I want to buy?

Compare estate agents

  • Is the real estate agent in Zaandam known in my neighbourhood?
  • Does the real estate agent sell more often in my home segment?
  • What marketing tools does the real estate agent use when selling? Such as; social media, Funda and flyers
  • Does the real estate agent have good reviews?

Benefits of a real estate agent in Zaandam

By working with a real estate agent, you speed up a process that can often be lengthy and tedious. Of course, the real estate agent helps people every day with his services of which and, of course, there are other benefits to a local real estate agent from Zaandam.

  • A real estate agent from Zaandam knows the city like the back of his hand. Therefore, the real estate agent knows exactly what is going on in different neighbourhoods of the city.
  • A real estate agent sells homes in and around Zaandam on a daily basis. That is why the local real estate agent from Zaandam often has potential buyers ready to go.
  • A local real estate agent knows how things work in Zaandam and knows the local regulations.
    Knows all the other fellow real estate agents in Zaandam, because the real estate agent often works together or buys or sells a property from the other real estate agents.
  • Access to properties that some people don’t know about.

Popular cities around Zaandam

NVM Real estate agents in Zaandam

At Juiste Makelaar, real estate agents in Zaandam are members of various trade associations such as VBO, VastgoedPRO and NVM. In addition to real estate agents affiliated to trade associations, independent real estate agents are also affiliated to various NVM offices. To be an NVM real estate agent, real estate agents in Zaandam must have undergone training to meet the requirement of the NVM.

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Choosing a real estate agent in Zaandam

Choosing a real estate agent in Zaandam can be a difficult decision. This is partly because in the current housing market in Zaandam, there are many price trends. Just as you have a preference for a certain type of house, a local real estate agent in Zaandam also has different qualities for selling certain homes and often works in a certain segment. As certain real estate agent in Zaandam sells or buys more homes in a certain neighbourhood, the real estate agent has more knowledge about this neighbourhood. For example, real estate agents, who sell many homes in Kogerveld have more knowledge of this, than a real estate agent in Zaandam who sells many in Havenbuurt.

For this reason, it is important to choose a real estate agent in Zaandam who is familiar with the neighbourhood. The advantage of this is that the real estate agent knows the area and other colleagues. The local real estate agent often knows which houses come up for sale in the neighbourhood and often have a reserve list of previous applicants. It is therefore important that you ask yourself what kind of property you would like and then ask friends family members or Juiste Makelaar if they have experience with real estate agents in Zaandam, then you can talk to several real estate agents and find out which ones are suitable and fit your needs. So it’s good to have both when buying and selling and real estate agent who can guide you.

A free valuation

When you are planning to sell your home or you are orientating yourself if you want to sell. After comparing estate agents in Zaandam, it may be useful to invite the real estate agents to your home for a free valuation. The real estate agents in Zaandam, always do this for free. This will give yourself better insights into how your property is now in the market light and what it will ultimately fetch. At the valuation in Zaandam, real estate agents always take a tour of your home, will note down the various features of the property at the time. During the valuation, the real estate agent will also immediately give you sales advice on how the real estate agent will sell the home and on what conditions.

Living in beautiful Zaandam

Zaandam, a city in the municipality of Zaanstad and world-famous. This is because of the Zaanse Schans, this area with old Zaans houses brings hordes of tourists to this part of Zaandam every year. People still live in almost all the houses. Besides the houses, there are still beautiful characteristic warehouses and mills from the 1950s.

In Zaandam you can live very relaxed, with lots of choice whether you want to live in the city or more in the greenery, or by the water or in the centre. Everything is possible. Many people who want to get out of Amsterdam but want to live close to the city choose Zaandam. In less than 15 minutes, you can be in Amsterdam from Zaandam. Living in Zaanstad is affordable and there are many new construction projects underway. You can shop in the recently renovated centre of Zaandam, on the Zaanse Schans, and you have the shopping boulevard with shops like Loods5, Riviera Maison and the Hornbach. Not for nothing was the centre of Zaandam voted number two as Best Inner City of the Netherlands in 2013.

Zaandam is known as an industrial city with companies like Albert Heijn, Duyvis and Verkade. But not all Zaan Townspeople work in Zaandam, 1 in 4 residents work in Amsterdam. It is very noticeable that the city and residents of Zaandam are benefiting from Amsterdam’s huge development in recent years. This can be seen just by the huge increase in house prices is Zaandam and the fast time to sell a house. Overbidding is also starting to become more common in Zaandam.

How does it work?


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What does a real estate agent in Zaandam cost?


When selling, a real estate agent in Zaandam charges an average commission of 1.4% including VAT. The commission is not always in percentages, it can also be a fixed amount.

Do real estate agents in Zaandam charge start-up costs?


When selling, most real estate agents in Zaandam charge start-up fees before the property is online. Most purchase agents in Zaandam do not charge start-up costs.

Are all real estate agents in Zaandam no cure, no pay?


When selling homes, you don’t pay the real estate agent until the notary. Should you take the property off the market early, the real estate agent may charge a withdrawal fee.

Purchase agents in Zaandam, usually use no cure, no pay.

Can I only compare real estate agents in Zaandam?


No, at Juiste Makelaar you can compare real estate agents throughout the Netherlands

How many real estate agents are active in Zaandam?


In Zaandam, more than 45 real estate agencies are active in selling homes. These are not only real estate agents based in Zaandam, they can of course also come from outside.