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Cost of real estate agent: What are the costs of a real estate agent?

Find out what the costs are to sell your home with a real estate agent

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The costs of the real estate agent

The additional costs when selling your house are relatively high. This is also one of the reasons why many people start a search for the best agent. By comparing the costs of the real estate agent with other agents, you ensure a good negotiating position. To find a real estate agent, it is wise not to make your choice on cost alone. There are many other important points. Almost every local real estate agent works with a brokerage fee when selling your home. The brokerage commission is a percentage of the total sale price of your home. There are other options as well, as not every selling broker calculates his or her costs through a percentage. It depends on:

  • Type of real estate agent
  • Residential segment of your home
  • Tasks that the agent must perform
  • The service you can expect

However, in the current brokerage landscape there are more and more real estate agents who charge fixed costs for selling a house. This is partly due to the fact that houses are sold increasingly quickly, so that the broker knows in advance where he or she stands.

Average costs of a real estate agent

Many people wonder if there is a list of costs for each real estate agent. That would of course be very convenient, however, the cost of the real estate agent depends on numerous factors. Of course we have done our best to give you the best possible picture of these costs. Therefore, we have made a distinction between the different types of real estate agents.

*Note that these costs are based on the calculation of average house values in the Netherlands. In different regions this may vary. Read below to find out what the difference is what type of real estate agent does for you.

Type of real estate agent Costs including VAT

Commission all-in real estate agent €6,050

Commission internet agent € 3,000

Selling your own house € 1,100 to € 1,250

Besides the brokerage costs, there are almost no costs for selling your house. Of course you still need to arrange a mover or move your things yourself. In general the buying party pays the notary. For this reason they can also choose the notary.

Costs of an ‘all-in’ real estate agent

The costs of a full-service real estate agent are almost always calculated by means of a commission. This is because the full-service real estate agent provides the most service, the agent knows the neighborhood very well and knows potential buyers within his or her network. In addition, the real estate strategy is well thought out, so you get a higher real estate price for your home. The local real estate agent knows which agent strategy is appropriate for which home, in which neighborhood. This is partly because the agent is always active in the neighborhood. This way you will quickly earn back the costs of the agent. Would you rather know which tasks an all-inclusive agent will take care of for you? Read on quickly here.

Costs of an internet real estate agent

When you would like to save costs on the real estate agent, an Internet real estate agent could be an interesting option. The internet real estate agent  mainly ensures that your home is visible online. Your house will be placed on popular housing sites like Funda, Huispedia and Jaap.nl. Also within the tasks of the internet real estate agent, costs can vary. In general, there are additional costs for: photos, floor plans, placing ads and a for-sale sign. With every Internet broker you have to arrange the viewings and write the real estate texts yourself. When you sell your house through an estate agent, you must take into account a longer selling period than when a professional estate agent does this for you.

Costs of selling your house yourself

The differences between an internet broker and selling your house yourself are rather small these days. It is possible to purchase a ‘do-it-yourself’ real estate agent package online. This way you can sell your own house, but an online broker can put your house on Funda. This is not possible as a consumer. You can also look for various intermediate solutions, it depends on what you are looking for. So be sure to inform yourself in advance!

Why the costs of an real estate agent differ

When you start researching the brokerage fees or costs of different brokers, you will quickly discover that these vary enormously. We have listed a number of important aspects that determine the height of the brokerage commission of a real estate agent:

  • The tasks that the broker performs. When a real estate agent takes care of everything, the costs or the commission of this agent will be higher than when you perform tasks yourself. This can always be discussed with your potential broker.
  • The moment a broker has a lot of experience selling homes in a certain neighborhood or city, the broker knows exactly what is going on in the neighborhood. The experience of this broker can ensure that you can realize a higher real estate agent price. This broker will pass on his or her experience in his higher percentage, because that is also reflected in your wallet.
  • Some brokers choose to sell many homes. This way the real estate agency has a lot of continuity. In this way, the real estate agent can charge a lower brokerage fee because the focus is on selling many homes. The difference here is that you have less service, but you do know that the house is sold quickly. The question is whether you will realize the maximum sale price.
  • An important tip when choosing a good real estate agent, do not only look at what a real estate agent costs. Also look at the quality, the network and the service of the broker. Because a real estate agent can quickly recoup his costs by selling your home for a few thousand dollars more than you would do with the “do-it-yourself” package yourself!

When to negotiate with the broker about costs

Currently, there are more house hunters than homes for sale. This makes it a favorable period for people who want to sell their home. The higher selling price can be achieved due to the huge housing shortage. Overbidding is no longer a special feature these days, but almost the norm. Another additional benefit is that a real estate agent can sell your home easier and faster than before. You can use this to your advantage, because the real estate agent has to put less effort into the sale. This makes it easier to negotiate with this broker. In addition, there are currently far fewer houses for sale. This ensures that the brokers themselves have fewer homes for sale. Since the real estate agent’s job is to buy and sell homes they are only too happy to do so! The willingness to drop the realtor’s fees will be a lot higher. Would you rather have us do the preliminary work? Then fill out the real estate agent comparison tool.

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Below you can read more about the most frequently asked questions surrounding real estate agent fees.


Are the costs of a agent deductible?

No, the costs of the broker are not deductible. This includes all the costs that the broker charges for the sale. However, when a good real estate agent sells the house with a good profit, you will have earned these costs back in no time.


Are there any costs when a realtor withdraws the assignment?

Almost all real estate agents have withdrawal fees when withdrawing the assignment. When the home will be withdrawn from sale without results, you owe the real estate agent these fees. These are the costs that the broker has advanced such as the photos of the home and the cost of putting it online.


Are the costs of a realtor for the buyer or seller?

The cost of the real estate agent is almost always for the seller. However, there are a number of real estate agents in the Netherlands who place the costs of the sale on the buying party. Please indicate this when you speak to the real estate expert at Juiste Makelaar.


Are the costs of the photos of the house included in the costs of the broker?

Yes, a real estate agent always works with regular partners. This allows the realtor to secure a good price from the photographer. The broker advances these costs and is paid based on the sale of the home.


What are the average costs of a real estate agent?

An average real estate agent costs between 0.95 and 1.25 percent of the sale price of the home. Note that these costs include VAT.


Are the costs for an appraisal included with the real estate agent?

The cost of an appraisal is not included in the cost of a real estate agent. Often this is listed on the website of a broker. With this, a free valuation is given. In this way, the broker gives an estimate of the expected sales price. This is always free.

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