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Real estate agents in Groningen

Do you want to buy or sell a house with a real estate agent in Groningen? Then you need a buying or selling agent to help you do this. But how are you going to choose this buying or selling agent? How are you going to compare real estate agents in Groningen? Because this is a day’s work, Juiste Makelaar has developed a comparison tool to help you compare all estate agents. This makes choosing a suitable estate agent in Groningen a lot easier. First, you fill in your own preferences, this way our system can find out which real estate agents suit you best. You then get in touch with two estate agents, after which you can choose the final step of comparing estate agents in Groningen yourself. This way, you can assert your personal preferences.

Top 10 real estate agents Groningen

Everyone in Groningen is looking for a high-performing real estate agent. But how does an estate agent get into the top 10 best-performing estate agents? At Juiste Makelaar, we believe it differs for everyone. You can’t pinpoint one real estate agent in Groningen who performs best. Read below what differences there are how you can compare real estate agents and what features to look out for.

Real estate agent’s sales speed

The speed of selling homes distinguishes the real estate agent in pro activity, putting the house online professionally and asking the right asking price. When you filter by the real estate agent’s number of stars, you know that these are real estate agents who are all fast. When you use this filter, it is wise to keep an eye on the real estate agents’ ranking in this. A real estate agent with a low number of sales in Groningen, gives a less good picture of the actual selling speed.

Number of houses sold

The number of houses a real estate agent sells says something about the status of the office in Groningen. This involves the size of the office, to which many people are referred. Many people are satisfied with the real estate agent in question. Often real estate agents who sell a lot of homes are very efficient and offer good value for money.

Asking price of houses

Not every real estate agent operates in the same segment in Groningen. For example, there are real estate agents who specialise in certain neighbourhoods or districts. In many cases, this also ensures that the real estate agent is active in a certain price range. The real estate agent is more knowledgeable about this at that time. In the top 10 real estate agents see the percentage above or below the average selling price in Groningen.

Costs of a real estate agent in Groningen

The costs charged by a real estate agent in Groningen depend on the sale price or purchase price of the property. How the costs are structured differs per real estate agent in Groningen and depends on the type of agent. Below, you can read more about the costs for an agent and costs for a buying agent in Groningen.

Costs for a real estate agent in Groningen

Usually, a percentage between 1.0 and 1.3% of the selling price is charged, also known as the commission. Besides the commission costs, start-up costs are also charged. This depends on the brokerage fee you pay. Below is an example of the possible costs for a real estate agent in Groningen.

Asking price of a house in Groningen (example) € 330,000
Average estate agent’s commission Groningen 1.28%
Costs of real estate agent € 4,224
Start-up costs € 550
Total costs of the real estate agent Groningen € 4,774

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Costs of a buying agent in Groningen

Do you want to buy a property in Groningen? Then the buying agent may charge different costs compared to a sales agent in Groningen. To avoid unexpected costs, it’s a good idea to discuss the costs with the real estate agent beforehand. Possible other costs you pay for a real estate agent in Groningen are:

  • Costs for a viewing
  • Costs for drawing up a purchase agreement

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Compare real estate agents in Groningen

After deciding that you need a real estate agent to buy or sell a house in Groningen, the next step is to choose a real estate agent. But how are you going to choose this real estate agent? Below, we give you some tips on what to look out for when comparing real estate agents:

Comparing buying agents

  • What will the real estate agent do for you? Do you compare the same tasks?
  • Do the real estate agents have start-up costs?
  • Will the real estate agent accompany you to viewings?
  • How active are the real estate agents in the Groningen area where you want to buy a house?
  • And finally, do you feel good about working with the real estate agent?

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Compare estate agents for sale

  • Has the real estate agent sold a lot of houses in Groningen recently?
  • How is the quality of photos of the homes for sale?
  • Is the estate agent’s sales strategy convincing?
  • What is the overall impression of the real estate agent and the office?
  • How will your property be promoted? Only through Funda or will the real estate agent use his own network?

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Benefits of a real estate agent in Groningen

Choosing a suitable real estate agent in Groningen can be a difficult decision. This is partly because the neighbourhoods in Groningen are very different. Just like you have a preference for a certain type of house, a real estate agent Groningen also has different qualities for selling certain homes. Because a real estate agent Groningen sells or buys more houses in a certain neighbourhood, the agent has more knowledge about this neighbourhood. For example, a real estate agent Groningen who sells a lot of houses in the city centre has more knowledge about this, than a real estate agent who sells a lot in Groningen East.

For this reason, it is important to choose a Groningen real estate agent who is familiar with the neighbourhood. The advantage of this is that he or she knows the neighbourhood, knows the active other estate agents and knows which houses are for sale in the neighbourhood. So it is not only good to have a sales broker with neighbourhood knowledge while selling, but also with buying.

The advantages of a local real estate agent Groningen:

  • A local real estate agent knows the Groningen housing market like no other
  • The local real estate agent often knows potential buyers for your house
  • The local Groningen real estate agent knows the local regulations
  • A local real estate agent has a broad network of other active colleagues in Groningen

Featured expat real estate agents in Groningen

As can be seen, there are dozens of real estate agents active in Groningen. This varies between a real estate agent selling only 1 property or selling the most homes in Groningen. Of course, there are many real estate agents in between who perform well and are pleasant to work with. To not only focus on the top 10 estate agents in Groningen, we at Juiste Makelaar have highlighted a number of agents. These real estate agents achieve good results and sell homes in Groningen more than regularly. This way, Juiste Makelaar not only highlights the estate agents who sell a lot of houses, sell the houses quickly or put the house on the market for a high price.

NVM estate agent in Groningen

Many real estate agents in Groningen are members of one of the three trade associations in the Netherlands. Of these, the best known is the NVM, followed by VBO and VastgoedPro. Juiste Makelaar only cooperates with brokers who are affiliated with one of these three associations. Real estate agents who are members of one of the three trade associations show that they have been trained and are subject to the trade association’s codes of conduct. This gives you more assurance about the quality of a real estate agent.

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How much does a real estate agent in Groningen cost?


The average cost of an estate agent in Groningen is 1.20% of the sale price (including VAT and start-up costs). The advantage of this rate is that you only pay when a transaction has been concluded. The most common method of paying an estate agent is “no cure no pay”. This means that you only pay when the property sells or buys.

How many real estate agents are active in Groningen?


There are currently 89 real estate agencies active in Groningen.

Can I also compare real estate agents outside of Groningen?


At Juiste Makelaar we are happy to help you throughout the Netherlands! From Groningen, Delfzijl to Maastricht.

Is this really free and without obligation?


Yes, we compare real estate agents 100% free of charge and without obligation. Should you enter into a partnership with a real estate agent, we receive a small fee from the agent. They see the fee as a marketing cost. so they have never had such a great customer.