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Real estate agent in Dordrecht

Looking for a professional real estate agent in Dordrecht? Juiste Makelaar helps you find the perfect estate agent for your needs. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a property, we can suggest two real estate agents in Dordrecht that best suit you based on your preferences. This way, you don’t have to compare between dozens of real estate agents operating in Dordrecht. Our selected real estate agents will contact you after application and you can then choose which real estate agent you want to work with without any obligation. Save time and money by choosing Juiste Makelaar in your search for a suitable estate agent in Dordrecht.

Top 10 real estate agents Dordrecht

Looking for a suitable real estate agent to sell your home? At Juiste Makelaar, we are happy to help you make an informed choice. We have compiled a list of the top 10 real estate agents in Dordrecht based on their performance and statistics, so you can easily filter and find the one that suits you best. This way, you can rest assured that you are making the best choice for your specific needs. Let us help you find the right real estate agent in Dordrecht.

  1. Vijfvinkel Trossèl Makelaars
  2. OZP Makelaars
  3. Boogerman Makelaars
  4. NOUWEN Makelaardij
  5. ZOOMER Makelaardij
  6. Waltmann Makelaars
  7. Ooms Makelaars Dordrecht
  8. Stad en Land NVM Makelaars Dordrecht
  9. Advema NVM Makelaardij
  10. Corpowonen

Costs of real estate agents Dordrecht

A real estate agent in Maastricht often charges a percentage based on the selling price of a house. On average, this costs between 1.15% and 1.39% of the selling price.

There is simply no concrete answer to the question “what does a real estate agent in Dordrecht cost”. A distinction is made between a sales agent and a buying agent, and both types of estate agents have a different cost structure.

Costs for selling a house in Dordrecht

In Dordrecht, almost all estate agents work with a commission. This is a percentage of the final selling price. So the real estate agent’s costs depend on this amount. In Dordrecht, these percentages are between 1.15% and 1.39%. You don’t pay this until the final sale. However, you often pay a certain amount in advance, which is called the start-up costs and is usually around € 500.

If you sell your house in Dordrecht for an amount of € 350,000, which is an average sales amount, the real estate agent from Dordrecht will cost you between € 4,025 and € 4,865.

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Average costs buying agent Dordrecht

The costs of real estate agents in Dordrecht are determined by the real estate agents themselves. There are several services you can purchase from the real estate agent where you pay relatively less if you go for an all-in package. You can also choose to purchase only certain services. It is also possible to work with a real estate agent who works according to a no cure, no pay system. In this case, you only pay upon a successful purchase.

The average buying agent in Dordrecht costs € 3,750 including VAT. This is based on an all-in package. The average is made up of the more expensive and the cheaper real estate agents. Do you want a cheap real estate agent, for example? Compare for free via Juiste Makelaar.

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Compare real estate agents in Dordrecht

What do you pay attention to when you have to choose from the selected real estate agents Dordrecht and how do you determine which real estate agent may sell your house. After all, you don’t do this every day. Below, we have put down some tips:

  • Compare the tasks of the sales agents Dordrecht with each other. What does one real estate agent offer and the other does not.
  • Compare the costs in relation to the other estate agent’s tasks. Make sure you calculate both prices including VAT and whether it is no cure no pay.
  • How will the real estate agents promote your property? On which housing platforms will they post the property and also send out a mailing to existing clients?
  • Does the real estate agent have a lot of sales experience in your neighbourhood or district in Dordrecht?
  • And finally, do you have a good feeling about the real estate agent? This can often be decisive!

Compare buying agents Dordrecht

If you are faced with the choice of working with one of two buying agents in Dordrecht, a number of points are very important to see which one suits you best:

  • How active is the buying agent in Dordrecht or even in a particular neighbourhood?
  • What all does the buying agent help with? Do they accompany you to viewings and do they help you negotiate?
  • Does the buying agent have a good network within Dordrecht? Maybe the real estate agent is the first to know when your dream house comes on the market.
  • What are the buying agents’ rates? Does the real estate agent work with a commission or a fixed fee and is this want no cure no pay?
  • Do the real estate agents in Dordrecht offer HuisAssist? Here you can find all the services involved in the purchase and help you from A to Z.

Advantages of a local real estate agent in Dordrecht

In the Netherlands, and therefore also in Dordrecht, you have real estate agents who work locally, nationally or online. A local real estate agent is almost always a bit more expensive, but this does have a number of advantages:

  • Real estate agents in Dordrecht have a name and therefore access to more information regarding houses that will go on sale.
  • A local real estate agent from Dordrecht obviously knows the local housing market better
  • A real estate agent from Dordrecht knows clients who want to sell/purchase (soon)
  • Extra service and more personal service, leading to customer satisfaction

The biggest advantage of the local real estate agent from Dordrecht is that you will have a faster chance of success and a more personal experience. In addition, the real estate agent is easier to reach. The biggest disadvantage is that you will pay more for this, though. Because of this, customers have to weigh up for themselves what is best for them.

NVM real estate agents Dordrecht

At Juiste Makelaar, we compare the affiliated estate agents, most of whom are also NVM estate agents. Besides the NVM, there are also other professional organisations such as VBO and VastgoedPRO. There are 48 real estate agents active in Dordrecht, 36 of which are members of the NVM.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read more about the frequently asked questions from our customers about the real estate agents active in Dordrecht.

What does a real estate agent in Dordrecht cost?


The cost of a real estate agent in Dordrecht is between 1.10% and 1.31% of the selling price of the house.

This means that when you sell a house that is worth 350.000 euro, the costs of the real estate agent are between 3.850 and 4.585 euro.

What does a purchase broker in Dordrecht cost?


A buying agent costs between 0.5% and 0.75% of the purchase price.

However, almost every buying agent charges a fixed fee. This way, you pay for the service and not for the performance

How many agents are active in Dordrecht?


At this moment, there are 48 brokers who have at least one house for sale. The number of buying agents is about the same.