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Real estate agent in Den Bosch

Are you looking for a real estate agent in Den Bosch to buy or sell a home? Then you have come to the right address at Juiste Makelaar. With more than 53 real estate agents active in Den Bosch, choosing a real estate agent cannot be easy. At Juiste Makelaar, we have years of experience in comparing estate agents. We know exactly which real estate agent is right for you! We collect feedback from users and real estate agents on how the process went. It’s almost like asking thousands of friends which real estate agent they should choose. Simply enter your preferences above and the comparison system will find out which 2 real estate agents in Den Bosch suit you best. Only at the last step do you have to compare the real estate agents yourself.

Top 10 real estate agents Den Bosch

Before you make your final choice of a real estate agent, it is useful to compare the statistics of the real estate agents side by side. At Juiste Makelaar, we have created a special top 10 estate agents Den Bosch to make the choice of estate agent a lot easier. This is based on sales data and is updated quarterly to ensure the statistics remain accurate.

  1. Boumij Makelaars
  2. Het Waare Huis
  3. AMB Makelaars ‘s-Hertogenbosch I Qualis
  4. Raadhuys Makelaars
  5. vb&t Makelaars
  6. Hendriks Makelaardij ‘s Hertogenbosch
  7. Makelaarsoord
  8. Staete ‘s-Hertogenbosch
  9. VDH Wonen Makelaardij
  10. De Koster Makelaars

Costs real estate agents Den Bosch

The real estate agents in Den Bosch all charge different rates. There is also a difference between buying agents and selling agents in terms of costs. When buying or selling, there are different cost structures which we briefly explain below so you know what the estate agents in Den Bosch charge.

Costs selling agent Den Bosch

A sales broker in Den Bosch costs between 1% and 1.21% of the final sales amount. So the costs are often based on the result achieved by the real estate agent. This is why the costs of a sales agent are higher than those of a buying agent. However, a sales agent often charges start-up costs. These are the costs you pay in advance so everything can be set in motion, including taking photos and measuring the house.

On average, a house in Den Bosch costs €400,000. A sales agent in Den Bosch costs between €4,000 and €4,840 including VAT should you sell a house at that price.

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Costs buying agent Den Bosch

If you want to know what a buying agent costs in Den Bosch, you have to look at several things. Most real estate agents work with a fixed rate per service. They often offer an all-in package but you can often also choose to outsource separate services such as negotiations to the real estate agent. Some real estate agents also work on a no cure, no pay system where you only pay the agent upon a successful purchase.

A buying agent in Den Bosch costs an average of € 4000 including VAT. Are you looking for an expensive real estate agent with a higher success rate? Or a slightly cheaper one? Or a real estate agent who works with a no cure, no pay construction? Compare easily and quickly via Juiste Makelaar.

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Compare real estate agents in Den Bosch

A good real estate agent can make a huge difference when selling your home in Den Bosch. A difference of thousands of euros is easily made. If you prefer a certain type of house, the real estate agent also has his preference and speciality for certain types of houses.

When a real estate agent sells a lot of houses in the city centre of Den Bosch, he or she is better at this than an agent who operates a lot in Vliert. This specific one alone can earn you thousands of euros extra, making the importance clear.

Compare real estate agents in Den Bosch

  • Does the real estate agent sell more often in the area in Den Bosch where you want to sell?
  • Does the real estate agent have a professional attitude and appearance? You will soon see this in the communication and photos of previous homes
  • Do you agree with the sales strategy to achieve the highest possible yield?
  • Through which channels will your property go on sale? Generally, the greater the reach, the more interested
  • Does the real estate agent already know other interested parties because they recently sold a similar property?

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Compare buying agents in Den Bosch

If you have now decided that you want to buy a house, you soon come to the conclusion that a real estate agent in Den Bosch is necessary. Once you have received two more real estate agents from the comparison, you have to make your own choice. Below you can read how to compare buying agents in Den Bosch:

  1. What tasks will the real estate agent perform for you? Are you comparing the same services? That way you can be sure you are not comparing two different things
  2. Are there start-up or withdrawal costs?
  3. When does a real estate agent accompany you to a viewing or does he or she never accompany you?
  4. How recently has the real estate agent bought or sold a house in the Bossche neighbourhood you would like to live in?
  5. And possibly most importantly, do you have a good feeling about the real estate agent?

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Advantages of a real estate agent in Den Bosch

Den Bosch is split into different neighbourhoods and districts, each with its own character and different price range. This determines part of the search for a local real estate agent in Den Bosch. One real estate agent buys or sells more homes in a particular neighbourhood, which means the agent has more experience in this neighbourhood.

This is one of the reasons why it is important to work with a local real estate agent in Den Bosch. This way, you will be just one step ahead of the competition. Here are more advantages of a real estate agent Den Bosch:

  • Local real estate agents know the Den Bosch housing market like no other
  • Real estate agents in Den Bosch know who potential buyers are
  • Real estate agents in Den Bosch know building and permit plans in the area
  • Local real estate agents have a lot of contact with other local real estate agents

NVM real estate agents in Den Bosch

Our real estate agents in Den Bosch are members of one of the three brokerage trade associations: NVM Real Estate Agents, VastgoedPro and VBO Makelaars. Real estate agents who are members of these trade associations must meet specific requirements in terms of legislation, service and professional competence. That’s why, through Juiste Makelaar, you can be sure of experienced and knowledgeable estate agents. Of the three trade associations, NVM is the largest and best-known in Den Bosch.

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Check out the frequently asked questions about Juiste Makelaar its services below.

What does a real estate agent cost in Den Bosch?


A real estate agent in Den Bosch costs between 1.00% and 1.21% of the selling price of the house.

This means when selling a house of 400,000 euros, the costs of the broker are between 4,000 and 4,480 euros.

How much does a buying agent in Den Bosch cost?


A purchase broker is generally cheaper than a real estate agent. In Den Bosch, most purchase brokers work on the basis of no-cure, no-pay and the purchase broker costs approximately 2,700 euros.

How many real estate agents are active in Den Bosch?


At this moment there are 53 real estate agents active in Den Bosch. These brokers currently buy and sell houses.