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Searching for a real estate agent in Apeldoorn

In Apeldoorn alone, there are dozens of real estate agents active. So how are you ever going to find the best real estate agent for you? And how do you know whether the price you have to pay is a good deal? That is probably why you started searching for “Real estate agent Apeldoorn” and came here. Then you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve figured it all out for you.

How to find a real estate agent using our comparison tool? 

To be able to compare real estate agents in Apeldoorn in the best way possible, we have collected all the data on the agents. Of course, we know which real estate agent is active where in Apeldoorn, in what price range and for what price. In addition, previous collaborations with local real estate agents play an important role. You can best imagine it as if we asked 100 acquaintances who are the best real estate agents in Apeldoorn. We then added all the realtor data. You can read the exact steps of the process here: 

  1. Fill in your preferences after which a personalised comparison will take place
  2. You will receive an email with the two selected brokers in Apeldoorn
  3. These brokers will contact you without any obligations to discuss their services
  4. Finally, you choose who you want to work with, so you retain control.
    How to compare them? Then read on below! 

All the advantages of a local Apeldoorn real estate agent

When you want to buy or sell a house, it is a great advantage if the broker knows the Apeldoorn area well. The municipality of Apeldoorn is divided into 16 districts, which means that the differences between districts can vary greatly. For example, the price range and building style differ in different neighbourhoods alone. In addition, a broker has more knowledge of a district or neighbourhood when he buys and sells there more. Therefore, be sure that the real estate agent has enough knowledge about where you would like to buy or sell in Apeldoorn. 

Below are a number of reasons why a local broker is a great advantage:

  • The local realtor Apeldoorn knows what is going on in the neighbourhood
  • The local broker knows the long term plans in Apeldoorn
  • The local Apeldoorn real estate agent knows other active estate agents
  • The local Apeldoorn broker often knows potential buyers for your home
  • The local Apeldoorn real estate agent hears about which homes are on the market
  • Real estate agent in Apeldoorn – Compare first, then get to work

The final step in our process is to compare the remaining real estate agents that came out of the comparison tool. Of course, you can go with your gut feeling and choose one of the real estate agents. But in order to make a well-informed choice, we have some important points to help you judge the Apeldoorn real estate agent:

Compare real estate agents for sale

  • What does the service of the real estate agent consist of? Do you compare the same packages with each other? 
  • Does the real estate agent work on a ‘no-cure, no-pay’ basis? This means that you only owe the real estate agent costs if the sale is successful in Apeldoorn. 
  • Do all prices include VAT? This is what you actually have to pay. 
  • How does the agent present himself and the houses? Does it fit in with your own view of the sale? 
  • Does the agent have a good basis for the sales price and the expected revenue? 

Would you like more information on comparing real estate agents based on specifications and costs? Then read on here.

Compare real estate agents for purchases

  • Does the real estate agent have expertise in buying a house in the neighbourhood you want to buy in? 
  • How many years has the agent been active in Apeldoorn?
  • Does the realtor work on a ‘no-cure, no-pay’ basis, and are there any withdrawal costs if you cancel the assignment? 
  • Does the real estate agent accompany you on every visit or only when you are genuinely interested in a home?
  • What falls within the range of duties? For example, does the agent create a search request? This way, you are always ahead of the usual house platforms.

Neighbourhoods Apeldoorn

Makelaars vergelijken in verschillende wijken in Apeldoorn (kaart)


  1. Centrum
  2. West
  3. Zuidwest
  4. Zuid
  5. Zuidoost
  6. Oost
  7. Noordoost
  8. Noord
  9. Uddel
  10. Hoog Soeren en Radio Kootwijk
  11. Hoenderloo
  12. Loenen
  13. Beekbergen
  14. Lieren
  15. Klarenbeek
  16. Wenum Wiesel Beemte

Popular cities around Apeldoorn


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See below our frequently asked questions about the services provided by Juiste Makelaar.

What does a real estate agent in Apeldoorn cost?


A real estate agent in Apeldoorn charges a commission of 1.1% and 1.35% of the sale price. These costs include VAT and other additional costs such as photos and placing the house online.

What are the costs of a buying agent in Apeldoorn?


A buying agent in Apeldoorn often charges on a no-cure, no-pay basis. This way, you only pay in case of a successful purchase. The costs of the buying agent are between 2,400 and 4,800 euros.

How many agents are active in Apeldoorn?


There are 55 active estate agents in Apeldoorn. These brokers currently have a house for sale in Apeldoorn.