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Do you want to sell or buy with the help of a real estate agent in Almere? Then finding a suitable real estate agent can be a serious challenge. Because what will you look for when choosing a real estate agent in Almere or how do you know what a normal price is? In today’s overstrained market, this can be quite a task, especially when now Almere is more popular than ever. These questions are difficult to answer. For this reason, we can help you find a suitable real estate agent in Almere. Enter your preferences via the tool. Based on your preferences, we will select 2 real estate agents that best fit your needs. We have collected all the data from real estate agents in Almere, making the comparison accurate – you can do the rest yourself! Because before you know it, you have already scheduled an appointment with the “Real estate agent Almere”.

Top 10 real estate agents Almere

The top 10 estate agents in Almere, which real estate agents are all in there? The question that should follow is on the basis of what should a real estate agent top 10 be made. There are several ways how a real estate agent top 10 can be made. When Juiste Makelaar looks for the best real estate agents for your situation, then with the algorithm and our experts on the broker statistics and customer experiences of Juiste Makelaar customers. Below you can see for yourself how you can view the various top 10 real estate agent listings in Almere. The top 10 real estate agents are based on property statistics from the past 12 months.

  1. Hoekstra en van Eck Almere
  2. Makelaardij Van der Linden Almere
  3. Schouten Makelaars Almere
  4. De 4 Linden Makelaardij
  5. Alex van Keulen, makelaars & taxateurs
  6. Staat Makelaars
  7. Spijker Makelaardij Almere
  8. Semeijn Makelaardij
  9. Vesta Makelaars Almere
  10. IMMO Arie van der Lee

Top 10 housing transactions

The number of housing transactions of a real estate agent in Almere says something about the popularity the of the real estate agent in the area. Otherwise, other people will not recommend these real estate agents from the top 10. The top 10 real estate agents below directly shows the most selling real estate agents.

Real estate agent’s selling speed

If you are looking for a real estate agent who can sell your property quickly, you can select the estate agents based on the number of stars. When a real estate agent has 5 stars, the agent is a lot faster at selling homes than the average in Almere.

Average highest asking price

When you are looking for a real estate agent who sells in the same segment as your own home, it is useful to look at the average asking price of the estate agents. Here, the top 10 real estate agents are not good or bad, but what matters is what suits your own home. When the estate agent’s percentage is green the estate agent sells property higher than average in Almere, when it is red it is lower than average.

Costs real estate agent in Almere

When selling a home, the costs per real estate agent vary a lot. Some estate agents work with fixed fees and others with a percentage, but there are also a number of other points you should pay attention to when an estate agent in Almere sells your home.

Most real estate agents charge an amount known as brokerage fees. To give you an idea of these costs, an example is given below using the average sales price in Almere.

Example cost of a agent Costs
Asking price house in Almere € 433.318
Average estate agent commission in Almere 1,38 %
Costs of real estate agent € 5.980
Start-up costs € 500
Total costs for real estate agent Almere € 6.480

Compare costs of real estate agents Almere

Should the real estate agent in Almere use a different calculation for the costs, you can read below some points you can pay attention to and compare the costs of real estate agents.

  • What rate does the real estate agent charge and is it no cure no pay?
  • What do you get for this price? Check whether there are any additional costs such as an Open House, land survey, brochures, photos, video, advertising costs or a
  • It can vary from real estate agent to real estate agent what you have to pay. Only some real estate agents also charge start-up fees. This could be for taking photos or to post the property online.
  • Is the amount exclusive or inclusive of VAT? This can make a lot of difference with the final bill.
  • Are there any fees when you withdraw the order? Sometimes these can be hundreds of euros.

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Compare real estate agents Almere

When buying a house Almere of a property buying agents all charge different prices. These can range from fixed fee to brokerage based on the purchase price. When looking for a buying agent in Almere, you can of course choose a full-service real estate agent or you can also purchase partial services. Because Almere is a very popular market with many house hunters, you will of course want good guidance to buy a house in Almere for a suitable price.  Here are some points you can look out for to get the best deal:

  • Do you compare the same tasks of the various buying agents in Almere?
  • How much buying experience does the real estate agent have in the area where you are looking for a property?
  • Can you negotiate a bonus for a lower purchase price than the asking price, for example?
  • Make sure you compare all prices including VAT, this is also the amount you actually have to pay.
  • How high are the buying agents’ start-up costs? No cure no pay

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Advantages of a real estate agent in Almere

When you want to buy or sell a house with a real estate agent in Almere, it is a good sign if the professional is familiar with the neighbourhood. This is especially nice in Almere where there are many different types of neighbourhoods. Different real estate agents are active in these neighbourhoods and one real estate agent may buy or sell more homes in one Almere neighbourhood than another in Almere. Therefore, always check the real estate agent’s knowledge about the neighbourhoods in Almere where you want to buy a house. Reasons why you should choose a local real estate agent in Almere:

  • Knows the regional housing market like no other
  • Often knows potential buyers for your house
  • Is well informed about local regulations
  • Knows other active colleagues in Almere

Featured expat real estate agents in Almere

More than 80 real estate agents are active in the housing market in Almere every year. This makes it difficult to estimate which estate agent is good or which one performs best. At Juiste Makelaar we not only show the top 10 fastest estate agents, the most sales or estate agents with the highest asking price in Almere. We also highlight real estate agents that have a good reputation and do a lot for their clients. So read carefully what the unique points are of the active real estate agents listed below.

NVM real estate agents in Almere

Juiste Makelaar will only put you in touch with estate agents in Almere who are affiliated to a trade association. In the Netherlands, this is NVM, VBO or VastgoedPro. Of these three trade associations, NVM is the largest and best-known. The requirements these trade associations set for real estate agents in Almere give you more certainty about the quality.

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Looking for a frequently asked question that is not listed? Then ask us your question directly!

How much does a real estate agent in Almere cost on average?


A real estate agent in Almere costs on average between 1.08% and 1.28% of the sale price.

The cost of the real estate agent includes VAT and all additional costs for the sale of the house.

What does a buying agent in Almere cost?


The costs for a purchase broker in Almere are between 2,350 and 2,975 euros. This is only the buying agent himself.

Besides the costs for a buying agent, you will also have to pay other costs such as the costs for the architectural survey, the notary and the transfer tax.

How many agents are currently active in Almere?


Currently there are 100 real estate agents active in Almere. These brokers buy and sell houses in the region.