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Zwolle has been a hugely popular place to live for years. One problem this brings with it is the tightness in the housing market. Because of this, more and more people in Zwolle start working with a real estate agent. But currently, there are 73 active real estate agents in Zwolle, which makes the choice difficult. When you have little experience buying or selling a house, you also don’t immediately know what to look for in a real estate agent. Fortunately, we can help you with this complicated search. We compare all real estate agents in Zwolle for you and make sure you make the right choice. So are you looking for the best estate agent in Zwolle? Start the free comparison immediately and fill in your preferences.

Top 10 real estate agents Zwolle

Everyone is looking for a top 10 list about real estate agents, so too in Zwolle. below is an overview of the top 10 real estate agents. First of all, an overview of which different lists you can make to get a good understanding of the active estate agents in Zwolle.

  • Most sellings in the last period: the overview is directly sorted by the ranking of real estate agents who have sold the most homes in the last period.
  • Average asking price: click on the ± sign to sort on real estate agents active in a high or low segment. When an estate agent has 0%, this is an average estate agent in Zwolle. If it has a green percentage, then the real estate agent is in the higher segment.
  • Days of selling: the number of stars indicates the sales speed of the real estate agent in Zwolle. For example, a real estate agent with 1 star is at least 10 days slower than average. While a real estate agent with 5 stars is at least 10 days faster than average.

Costs real estate agent in Zwolle

Costs charged by a buying or selling agent in Zwolle can vary greatly. That is why it is wise to find out in advance exactly what these costs are. Below, you can read more about the costs for a sales agent in Zwolle and the costs you pay for a buying agent in Zwolle.

Costs selling agent in Zwolle

The costs for a real estate agent in Zwolle can vary a lot and depend on the selling price, as a percentage of the asking price is taken for the brokerage costs. This makes it difficult to determine the exact costs in advance. Below is a calculation that can be taken as a guideline.

Example of costs of an real estate agent 
Asking price of a house in Zwolle (example) € 400.000
Average brokerage commission Zwolle 1,38 %
Costs of real estate agent € 5.520
Start-up costs € 500
Total costs of real estate agent Zwolle € 6.020

Estimating these total costs may seem like a high amount and a hefty investment, however, a real estate agent in Zwolle can often get the most out of the selling price. As a result, the sale of your house will therefore also yield more. To avoid unexpected costs, it is useful to agree with the real estate agent in advance which costs will be charged. Possible other costs you pay for a real estate agent in Zwolle are:

  • Costs for a viewing
  • Costs for drawing up a purchase agreement

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Buying agent costs in Zwolle

The costs for a buying agent in Zwolle, just like a selling agent, can vary a lot. Most buying agents in Zwolle charge fees based on brokerage, a percentage of the purchase price. Many real estate agents in Zwolle also use no-cure, no-pay. Here, no fees are charged if you withdraw your search from a real estate agent in Zwolle.

The latter method is especially popular with the larger estate agencies with many professionals who specialise in finding houses and flats in Zwolle. They work with their own research and experience to get the best results for you.

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Compare real estate agents in Zwolle

Once you are in contact with the two selected real estate agents, you need to compare the real estate agents yourself. Of course, you can go by your gut and choose the real estate agent with whom you have the best feeling. But below we will help you how to make a considered choice and choose a local Zwolle real estate agent:

  • Don’t just compare real estate agents’ fees. Also compare the tasks involved and what kind of service is included.
  • Is there a “no-cure, no-pay” arrangement? In that case, you pay the real estate agent in Zwolle when the property is sold. However, there may be charges for costs incurred such as, photos and measurement reports.
  • What is the real estate agent’s impression of other properties? Get a good first impression, after all, this is what potential interested parties also see first.
  • Does the real estate agent have similar properties for sale in Zwolle? Then this real estate agent surely has a list of potential buyers for your home!

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Compare buying agents in Zwolle

  • Does the buying agent have experience with buying in the area in Zwolle where you want to buy?
  • How long has the buying agent been active in the Zwolle area? This way you can make an assessment of the estate agent’s knowledge and network.
  • Be sure not to only compare the costs of the buying agents, because maybe the ‘more expensive’ real estate agent will make sure you can buy your dream house, while the ‘cheaper’ real estate agent will not.
  • What kind of tasks will the real estate agent take on? Will you get a search profile and when will the real estate agent visit a house with you? Is this the same with other buying agents?

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Advantages of a real estate agent in Zwolle

A question that comes up more often is whether a local or national real estate agent is better. Of course, this remains a personal choice, but if sales statistics are to be believed, the local real estate agent continues to score better in Zwolle. This is partly because a local real estate agent knows the neighbourhood like the back of his hand, and knows exactly what is going on. Even in a city like Zwolle, there are real estate agents who perform much better in one neighbourhood than another. This is because a real estate agent buys and sells more often in one Zwolle neighbourhood than in another. Therefore, here are some reasons to choose the local real estate agent:

  • The real estate agent in Zwolle region knows other local agents active in the same neighbourhood or district
  • The local real estate agent Zwolle, especially at this time, has a list of potential buyers for your current home
  • The local real estate agent Zwolle knows all the ins & outs of the neighbourhood you want to buy or sell in
  • The real estate agent knows how the housing market in Zwolle works and what is going on at the moment

Featured expat real estate agents in Zwolle

In every town, there are some real estate agents who put in extra effort. This does not necessarily mean that these real estate agents sell a lot of homes or sell the property the fastest. However, they are specialised in working with expats and what the rules are for expats. These real estate agents really care about customer attention, so you know you’ll have good guidance. Check out the Featured expat real estate agents first, then find the Zwolle real estate agent top 10 at the bottom.

NVM real estate agent in Zwolle

All estate agents in Zwolle that Juiste Makelaar puts you in touch with are members of NVM. NVM stands for Nederlandse Vereniging van Makelaars in Onroerende Goederen (Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents) and is the largest association for estate agents and real estate experts in the Netherlands. Two other large trade associations are VBO real estate agent and VastgoedPro. These trade associations ensure that real estate agents comply with set requirements and rules, thereby guaranteeing quality.

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Want to know more about the real estate agents active in Zwolle? We sought out a number of frequently asked questions for you. Read more now!

What does a real estate agent in Zwolle cost?


For the sale of your house, a real estate agent in Zwolle charges approximately 1.15%. For the average asking price in Zwolle, a real estate agent will cost you € 4,750.

How many brokers are active in Zwolle?


At this moment, there are 54 real estate agents active in Zwolle. However, there are currently only 22 agents who sell more than 3 houses.

What does a house cost in Zwolle?


Currently, the average asking price of a house is € 413,000 in Zwolle.