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The 20 ultimate tips for buying a home, with or without a buying agent

Use all the tips and compare the best buying agents for your situation

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All 20 ultimate tips for buying your home

Purchasing your dream home is a tricky task. Where do you start and what all should you consider when buying a house? In various steps during the purchase of a house, it is important to take into account a number of things. Below you can read the best tips, what to pay attention to and how to get the best deal when buying a home. This can be done with or without a buying agent. The purchase broker can be a costly investment, but it has many advantages.

Read more about the tasks a buying agent can take off your hands. All tips about the purchase process can be found below, do you have more questions? Let us know!

Tip 1. Make a wish list

Before you start your search it is useful to make a wish list. What features should your home meet? How many bedrooms do you want? Do you want a nice garden or is a balcony enough? Besides the properties and the size of a house, it is also important to know in what neighborhood or city you want to look. Are you looking for a newly built house or does a house full of character appeal more to you? Take a test here to determine which housing type you are!

Tip 2. Make an appointment with a mortgage consultant

What is the maximum amount of your mortgage and how much do you have to spend in total? Before you start looking for a house, it’s a good idea to talk to a mortgage consultant. This way you will immediately have a good idea of the financial possibilities you have. In this way you can focus your search for your dream home within your budget. Avoid disappointments during the bidding process and save a lot of money by first talking to a mortgage broker and discovering your options.

Tip 3. Search through different housing platforms – set up a search profile

Don’t just search for homes through the familiar avenues, such as Funda. Here, many homes are for sale, but certainly not all. There are also housing sites where private individuals register their homes. These people do not use an real estate agent. There are also websites such as Huispedia and Promodomo, where people indicate that the house will eventually be for sale. When you have an insight into your housing requirements, it is best to create a search profile on different websites. This way you will receive a daily email with an overview of new homes that match your preferences.

Tip 4. Little experience in buying a home? Consult with a buying agent

Are you a starter and is buying a home unknown territory? Then look around yourself and discover what the possibilities are. It is also a good idea to schedule an introductory meeting with a buying agent. That way, you’ll know what the real estate agent can help you with. To find out what the real estate agent can help you with, read about the tasks of a buying agent.

Tip 5. Make sure the house is future-proof

A house can be ideal at the moment, but also make sure that it fits your future plans. Are you planning to expand your family or do you want to work from home more? Ask yourself if it is realistic that you will live in the house for more than 5 or 10 years. You can’t recoup the copper costs in just two years. The house must fit your future plans, otherwise the house is not suitable.


Tip 6. Follow real estate agents through social media channels

Nowadays, several real estate agents have social media channels. Following these channels has several advantages. You can stay up to date on the latest properties at any time. In addition, new properties are posted here earlier than they are visible on various housing platforms. In this way it is possible to be the first to respond to a property you would like to view. Be ahead of the crowd and call the real estate agent as soon as possible.

Tip 7. Don’t just view one house, view several houses

Always visit several houses before you actually buy one. Buying a house is an important step. That is why it is useful if you have gained experience in critically looking at different houses. This way you will have a better feel for comparing different price ranges and types of homes. You do not yet know exactly what is for sale in your price range, so comparison material can be useful.

Tip 8. Bad pictures? Don’t go looking

Do you come across a house where the photos don’t show the house very well? In real life the house will not suddenly be much nicer. Save time and continue your search but not with this house. Unless you like to look for a handicraft house, then it is good to look at a construction site.

Tip 9. Visit an interesting house twice

Have you found a house you are interested in? Then don’t hesitate to take another look. After one viewing you often miss details that you see the second time. This way you can avoid making the wrong decision or removing doubts. If you would like another tip about viewing the house, read the following two tips!

Tip 10. Look the second time at a different time

At the time you go to look a second time it is smart to plan the viewing at a different time. That way you can see if the light in the house is favourable at a different time of day. This can be a turn-off that you will regret later.

Tip 11. Don’t go look at a house alone

If you went to look at a house alone the first time, it is good to go with someone the second time. Someone else will notice different elements and details in the house. Juiste Makelaar always says, two see more than one.

Tip 12. Research the extension possibilities of the house

You always buy the house with an eye to the future. Are you thinking about building out the house you are interested in? Then first research what is possible and whether the previous owners have tried this. Perhaps you would prefer a dormer? Then research what the possibilities are and whether you can just get a permit.

Tip 13. Do online research about the neighborhood

Before you go and look at a house, it is a good idea to first explore the neighborhood online. Are there any schools in the neighborhood? How far is the house from the city center? If you often travel by public transport, it is useful that there is a bus stop or train station nearby. Nowadays you can find all this in an overview next to the house on the site where the house is for sale. Avoid disappointment by first looking and then draw this conclusion.

Tip 14. Trust your feelings

The most important thing about buying your home is that it feels right. How does it feel when you take the first step into the house? If the conditions at the house are good and your feeling is good, then it is (most likely) a good move to make an offer.

Tip 15. Determine your offer based on recent sales in the neighborhood

Are you planning to make an offer on a house? What will you base your offer on? Then start looking for similar houses in the neighborhood, with the same number of rooms, same size and a similar garden. Once you have found these homes you can find the recent sales prices on the Land Registry. This will give you a good idea of the recently sold houses in the neighborhood and you will know what you should bid approximately.

Tip 16. Found your dream home? Call the real estate agent immediately

Are you looking for a home in this tight housing market? Then you always want to be one step ahead of the competition. How do you do that? As soon as you’ve seen a house, call the real estate agent. Make an appointment and have a chat. Above all, indicate that you are actively looking. That way, the agent can inform you in the future as soon as he or she knows that a new home is on the market.

Do you see a house that has already been sold, but exactly matches your wishes? Then give the real estate agent a call. This way you can find out more about the property, so you have more knowledge about the type of property. In addition, you can directly indicate that you are looking for this type of home.

After accepting your bid

Has your bid been accepted by the selling party? Congratulations, then you are almost the owner of a house. Below are some tips that you should take into account to buy your home as favorably as possible. There are still a number of important points where you can go wrong.

Tip 17. Draw up resolutory conditions

The sales agent will draw up a preliminary contract. It is important that you include resolutive conditions in the contract if you have not yet completed the financing. If you include ‘subject to financing’ in the contract, you can abandon the purchase free of charge. This is only the case if you cannot get the mortgage and you can provide evidence of this.

Tip 18. Always have a structural inspection carried out

An architectural inspection is a technical inspection of the technical condition of the house. In this way the hidden defects of a house are discovered. This way you will not face high costs afterwards, but this is the responsibility of the selling party. The inspector checks your house carefully so that nothing is left to chance.

If you are buying a house built before 1990, we recommend that you always have an architectural inspection carried out. Are you planning to buy a new house? Then it is not necessary, but it is better to be on the safe side.

Tip 19. Collect all necessary documents

If you have already been in contact with a mortgage broker you have probably already collected all the necessary documents. If you haven’t done so yet, it is wise to collect all documents already. Below you will find an overview of what documents are needed:

  • Income details
  • Assets / own money
  • Financial obligations
  • Policy details
  • Details of current home (if applicable)
  • Divorce papers
  • Other documents

Tip 20. Arrange for an appraiser

The final tip when buying a home is to arrange for an appraisal when you purchase your new home. This way, the appraisal value is made up by a third party. Nowadays, the mortgage may be up to 100% of the appraisal value. Have you been outbid a lot? Then you have to finance the part above the appraisal value with your own money.

Are you selling your house in addition to buying it? Then read 9 useful tips for selling your home here!

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Check out the frequently asked questions about home buying below.


What does a buying agent cost?

The average commission for a buying agent in The Netherlands is between 0.5 and 1.0 percent of the purchase price. The percentage differs depending on the place of residence where you want to buy a house. Is the place or neighbourhood very popular? Then the broker can charge higher costs.


Is it possible to buy a house without own money?

Buying a house without your own money is possible, there are several possibilities such as a loan in addition to your mortgage or a tax-free gift from parents.


Buying a house without a buying agent?

Yes, a purchase broker is not mandatory, so it is possible to buy a house without a purchase broker. It saves you a lot of money.


Can I buy a house without a mortgage?

Yes, buying a home without a mortgage is possible. The house can be paid for with your own money, a loan or with the surplus value of a house you sold earlier. It may be advisable to take out a (small) mortgage.


Can I buy a property to rent out immediately?

It is possible to rent out a bought property immediately. Do you want to buy the property with a mortgage? Then you must take a real estate mortgage, of this 70 to 80% is paid of the appraisal value, the eventual income from the rented house is seen as an investment and comes in box 3.



Is a buying agent no cure no pay?

Not always! Most buying agents apply start-up or withdrawal fees, due to the overheated housing market. This makes them certain of income. The rest of the brokers in the Netherlands use no cure no pay. Ask for this in the introductory meeting.


Are the costs of a buying agent tax deductible?

No, the costs of a buying agent are not tax deductible. The costs will be added to the purchase. Mortgage, notary and appraisal costs, for example, are tax deductible.Bekijk

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