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Is a real estate agent needed in Alkmaar?

Are you looking for a house or do you want to sell your house in Alkmaar? Then in almost any case you need a real estate agent to help you. How do you compare real estate agents in Alkmaar? After all, there are numerous brokers active, making it difficult to make a choice. You never know for sure if this is the best one. But this is also the reason why we developed a comparison system. This way, finding a local real estate agent in Alkmaar is easier than ever. Enter your requirements and let us help you with the search for the best real estate agent in Alkmaar.

Juiste Makelaar helps you with the comparison tool

You will never find out if you have chosen the best real estate agent in Alkmaar. But you can better base this on previous users and data about the brokers. That’s why we are happy to help you in your search for a suitable real estate agent. Hereby we already sort through a number of brokers. We do this by going through the following steps:

  1. Fill out the free comparison tool in one minute
  2. We at Juiste Makelaar perform a personalised comparison to find the best real estate agents
  3. Then we select the two brokers in Alkmaar who are best suited for you
  4. You receive these brokers by email, after which they will contact you without any obligations
  5. The real estate agent will explain what they can do for you to achieve an optimal result
  6. You choose which local real estate agent Alkmaar you will work with

Advantages of a local real estate agent in Alkmaar

A real estate agent who is active on a daily basis in one of the districts of Alkmaar is a great advantage. Alkmaar consists of 11 different districts. This ensures that even a local broker has certain neighbourhoods where he/she is more active. When the agent frequently purchases and sells homes in an Alkmaar neighbourhood, this is an advantage. Therefore, check the knowledge of each local agent. Below we have listed a number of other advantages of a local agent:

  • The local real estate agent Alkmaar knows the housing market in the district best
  • The local real estate agent Alkmaar knows potential buyers because he/she is active
  • The local real estate agent knows the zoning and building plans
  • The local real estate agent knows other brokers who are active in the area
Makelaars vergelijken in wijken in Alkmaar (kaart)

1. Zuid; 2. Oudorp; 3. Overdie; 4. West; 5. Huiswaard; 6. De Mare; 7. Daalmeer Koedijk; 8. Centrum; 9. Schermer; 10. Graft de Rijp; 11. Vroonermeer

Real estate agent Alkmaar: what should you pay attention to?

After you have made a real estate agent application, we will compare local real estate agents for you. From these, we will select the best two that meet your requirements. Finally, it is important to compare the remaining real estate agents in Alkmaar with each other. Below we give a few tips to help you make the best choice.

Compare real estate agents in Alkmaar when buying

Nowadays it is increasingly important to have a good purchasing agent. In a tight housing market like Alkmaar, this help is very important. But which real estate agent in Alkmaar can best help? We have some golden tips to compare real estate agents:

  • Do you compare the same tasks with each other?
  • Are the costs at all brokers including VAT?
  • Are there withdrawal costs if you no longer want to work together?
  • Does the real estate agent accompany you to view homes in Alkmaar?
  • Has the realtor bought and sold homes in your favourite Alkmaar neighbourhood before?

Compare real estate agents Alkmaar when selling

The right real estate agent for the sale of your home can both sell you your home faster, and give you a higher selling price. For this reason, it is important that you make an informed choice to work with one of the brokers. Below you can immediately find out how you can compare local real estate agents in Alkmaar:

  • Are you comparing the same brokerages?
  • What tasks does the realtor pick up for the sale?
  • Does the broker sell homes in your neighbourhood in Alkmaar more often?
  • Are you convinced by the appearance of the presentation of the house?
  • How are homes promoted by the agent?

Living in the centre of Alkmaar

The city centre is popular with both the people of Alkmaar and the real shoppers, tourists and restaurant-goers. In other words, a place for everyone. You can enjoy the sun on one of the lovely terraces. For the sporty residents there is also plenty to do. Ice skating at De Meent, running in the various parks, kite surfing at Egmond aan Zee or playing a day’s golf. Would you rather spend an afternoon walking? You can walk along one of the most beautiful hiking routes in the Netherlands via the Nijenburg estate. 

Living in various new construction projects in Alkmaar

Besides the number of residents, the number of new construction projects in and around Alkmaar has also increased. Below is an overview of the various successful new construction projects in Alkmaar:

  • The Zuiderkade is located near the centre, where 18 homes will be realised with 5 different types of houses. Ranging from € 396,000 to € 489,000.  
  • De Hoef XL is located on the canal between Egmond and Alkmaar. Here are 35 homes in a beautiful residential area. 
  • At De Polderhof, in addition to the 48 homes, spaces for commercial purposes will also be realised. Of the homes, 20 are owner-occupied and 28 are rental homes. 
  • Sustainable living is very important in De Nollen Oost. Here, 14 homes have been realised whereby there are 5 types of housing. The new construction project is located between the districts of Oudorp and Sint Pancras, near the Alkmaar North station.  
  • The houses in the new Schelphoek project are reminiscent of the old buildings in the centre of Alkmaar. In this new construction project all houses have enough gardens, where you can enjoy. 
  • The Spieghelbuurt is described as a renewed working-class neighbourhood. It is characterised by the narrow streets where many of the residents are often on the street. The new neighbourhood was released in Oud-Overdie. The homes are based on typical 1930s houses with red bricks and roof tiles, and beautiful white window frames. In this cosy neighbourhood 164 homes have been realised.

Popular cities around Alkmaar


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1 december 2021

10/10 Excellent

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Easy and fast

They found two realtors for me very quickly, then I was able to choose the one I liked without any additional fees.

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Marcel is very helpful

It was very easy for my buying agent to schedule appointments for viewings and even good bids!

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4/5 Good

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Veelgestelde vragen

Read here frequently asked questions about the real estate agents active in Alkmaar and what the costs of a real estate agent are.


What does a real estate agent cost in Alkmaar?

On average, a real estate agent in Alkmaar costs between 1.13% and 1.35% of the sale price of a house. When you are selling a house of 400,000 euros, a realtor in Alkmaar will cost between 4,520 and 5,400 euros.


What does a buying agent in Alkmaar cost?

A buying agent in Alkmaar costs between 0.55% and 0.9% of the purchase price. Almost every buying agent works with a fixed price in Alkmaar. However, this makes for an easy calculation


How many agents are active in Alkmaar?

At this moment there are 71 real estate agents offering houses for sale in Alkmaar.

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