The 9 best tips to sell your house in the best possible way

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9 Best Tips to Sell Your House Fast

Do you want to sell your house fast? Then you’ve come to the right real estate agent. Here you will find several smart real estate agent tips to sell your house quickly, without losing sight of the highest selling price. It could be that you quickly work towards a higher selling price, but lose a lot of time selling your house because of this. To find out if this is the case for you, it is important to first make a valuation of your house. This way you know immediately what the maximum amount is that you can get for your house. At Juiste Makelaar (the right real estate agent) we are happy to put you in touch with two different real estate agents, who can then perform a free valuation.

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Tip 1. Repair all necessary things

It’s important to leave the best possible first impression. To stand out not only in photographs but also in real life, repairs must be done. This includes the visible repairs, but also the repairs that are less likely to be discovered. When potential buyers see a lot of shoddy repairs, they are more likely to turn away than when everything looks clean. A simple extra tip to sell your house: don’t forget the small defects in your house, such as squeaky doors. You don’t want viewers to get annoyed. This way you’ll keep more people interested, so you can sell the house faster and for a higher selling price.

Tip 2. Avoid hidden defects

If your house is older, have a technical inspection carried out beforehand. In many cases, a buyer will also have this done, but if you discover these defects earlier you can have them fixed or adjust your agent’s strategy accordingly. The moment a buyer discovers salvaged defects himself, it will be to your disadvantage during the negotiations. This may be deducted from the sale price. When you have mentioned this in advance, the buyer also knows where he stands.

Items that fall under the hidden defects are:

  • Asbestos and woodworm
  • Problems with the foundation
  • Invisible cracks in the floor and/or walls
  • Rotten roof construction
  • Contaminated soil

Tip 4. Provide fresh, light walls

A fresh and light look in your home makes the rooms seem larger. Many people like a lighthouse with lots of light. When you only have dark walls this is not very visible. Do you only have dark walls? Then try to paint at least some of the walls lighter.

Do you have an outdated or very dark kitchen? Then nowadays you can easily paint the kitchen cabinets yourself to give the kitchen a fresh look. This immediately looks more attractive in the pictures. This tip to sell your house will not increase the real estate agent’s price, but it will make potentially interested parties come and look at your house sooner. This can ensure a faster sale, but also more bids!

Tip 5. Do price research on housing websites for a realistic selling price

Don’t have an asking price in mind yet? Then you can do some research before you talk to a realtor. Look at the current homes for sale in your area. In addition, you can see which homes have recently been sold. Here it is possible to view the real estate agent price via the Land Registry. This way you already have an idea of the asking price. Do not just look at one housing site, but do good research. This way you will discover more properties that are for sale or have already been sold.

Tip 6. Apply for a final energy label

A final energy label is now mandatory to request when selling a house. Therefore, request it on time. Nowadays an advisor must come by to inspect your house. After a report has been made you will receive your final energy label. Unfortunately, this is now mandatory! Apply for an energy label directly? Apply for it via this site. The moment you don’t have a final energy label when you sell your house, you risk a hefty fine.

Tip 7. Provide professional photos to attract more interested parties

One of the most important tips to sell your house well. Because the first thing people see online is the pictures of your house. It is therefore very important to have good professional photos. Therefore, do not go out and make these photos yourself. Call in a professional photographer, generally the real estate agent takes care of this to present your house as well as possible.

Make sure the house is tidy and put some nice details, such as beautiful flowers. Good photos increase interest online, which ultimately leads to more viewings. A good first photograph, for example, ensures that no less than 150% more people are interested in a house, so don’t underestimate this!

Tip 8. Collect drawings and/or floor plans

Collect all drawings and floor plans that you still have of the house. This is useful to give to the buying party. In addition, a floor plan can be added to the photos of your home. This tip may not seem relevant to selling your house, but it comes across as a lot more professional. When several parties are interested, you can deliver everything directly. This gives the purchasing party more confidence.


Tip 9. Clean up the house

Are there viewings planned? Then tidy up your house as much as possible. People come to see the house and don’t need to know how many coats are hanging there. Tidy up all your stuff. Only after that, do you put some nice atmospheric things in your house. Think of a beautiful bouquet or a folded blanket on a chair or sofa.

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Read the most frequently asked questions about all the tips when selling a home.


Should I style my house before I want to sell it?


No, in the current market, styling your home does not bring in any extra profit. It only pays off if you live in a dilapidated house and redecorate. But always try to make small improvements, that way it will quickly look better.

What is the importance of good photos when selling a house?


When you or the real estate agent put your house online, the first thing the potential buyer sees is the photos of the house. It is therefore essential that you have a good first photo. Have the photos taken by a professional photographer.

How can you sell a house faster?


There are a number of steps on how you can sell your house fast.

  1. By working with a local real estate agent. These are up to 20 days faster than an online real estate agent.
  2. Make sure your house looks neat beforehand, then pictures can be taken immediately.
  3. Think of a realistic selling price.
  4. Compare real estate agents directly.