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Looking for a real estate agent in Arnhem? Finding a suitable real estate agent in Arnhem can be a complicated matter. After all, there are dozens of real estate agents active in Arnhem, with each one having its own approach and speciality. The differences are mainly in the price range and neighbourhoods the estate agent specialises in. The search for the right real estate agent in Arnhem takes a lot of time, but we are here to help you in this search. Therefore compare all real estate agents in Arnhem directly via Juiste Makelaar to find the best real estate agent for you. Of course an estate agent costs money but it will pay for itself very quickly once you have found the right agent for you. Read here what the costs of a real estate agent in Arnhem are.

Top 10 real estate agents Arnhem

Who doesn’t want to know which real estate agents in Arnhem are in the top 10? At Juiste Makelaar, we’ve figured it out for you. We have made a list, with sales statistics of active estate agents in Arnhem.

  1. Willemsen makelaars
  2. BMV Makelaars
  3. Petra De Kleermaeker Makelaardij
  4. Roel Willemsen Garantiemakelaars
  5. Hendriks Makelaardij Arnhem
  6. Spitman Makelaars | Qualis
  7. Ditters Makelaars Arnhem
  8. Boutique Makelaar
  9. Open makelaars Arnhem
  10. Hoetink Makelaars

Costs of a real estate agent in Arnhem

What a real estate agent in Arnhem costs is not easy to answer. There is a difference between the costs you incur for a buying agent and a selling agent. We’ll explain those differences below.

Average Arnhem real estate agent fees

The costs you make for an Arnhem real estate agent are usually based on a percentage of the eventual selling price of the residence. The costs are known as the brokerage fee and this is seen as a reward for the result achieved for the estate agent. If the percentage based on the real estate agent’s costs is extremely high due to a high property value, you can always negotiate with the agent.

Real estate agents’ fees in Arnhem are therefore based on percentages, and these are between 1% and 1.25%. That means that if you sell a house for € 400,000, your costs will be between € 4,000 and € 5,000 including VAT.

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Average costs buying agent Arnhem

A buying agent in Arnhem costs approximately between 0.6% and 0.8% of the purchase amount. Buying agents often work with a fixed rate which the agent can determine himself. Depending on the services you purchase from the real estate agent, you will pay more or less. A real estate agent from Arnhem costs around €2,800 on average.

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Compare real estate agents in Arnhem

Enter your preferences and our system will select 2 real estate agents in Arnhem for you. These estate agents are selected by comparing the data of the Arnhem estate agents with your preferences. The selected estate agents will then contact you for a first (no-obligation) meeting. After that, you decide which real estate agent in Arnhem you want to choose.

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Advantages of the local real estate agent in Arnhem

Just like buying a house, it is possible to sell a house without a sales agent. However, there is a lot involved in selling your house. To ensure that the sales process runs smoothly, it is customary to use a real estate agent in Arnhem.

Among other things, a real estate agent in Arnhem does the following:

  • Real estate agents in Arnhem determine the asking price
  • A plan is presented to sell the house
  • The estate agent actively tries to find potential buyers
  • Viewings are organised
  • Negotiations are held with the buyer
  • The sales contract is drawn up
  • Notary and legal aspects of the sale are taken care of

NVM real estate agent Arnhem

Juiste Makelaar compares all affiliated estate agents. Almost all estate agents are members of the NVM. This is the Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents, a professional organisation which you can only join if you meet certain quality requirements. Besides the NVM, you also have other professional organisations such as VastgoedPRO and VBO.

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Veelgestelde vragen

Below you can read the most frequently asked questions about the real estate agents active in Arnhem. Do you prefer direct advice? Then get in touch with us.

How many real estate agents are there in Arnhem?


There are currently 82 real estate agents selling homes in Arnhem.

What does a real estate agent in Arnhem cost?


The costs for a real estate agent when selling a house in Arnhem, are based on the selling price of the house. The cost of the real estate agent is between 1.00% and 1.25%.

This means that if you are selling a house that is worth 350,000 euros, the costs of the real estate agent will be between 3,500 euros and 4,375 euros.

What does a buying agent in Arnhem cost?


In general, the costs for a purchase broker in Arnhem are between 0.60% and 0.80% of the purchase price of the house.