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Real estate agents in Tilburg

Everyone knows that working with a real estate agent in Tilburg is not cheap. But how often have you bought or sold a house in the past year? Probably not often or not, on the other hand, this is the real estate agent’s job. The follow-up question to this is: how do you start finding a suitable real estate agent in Tilburg? Juiste Makelaar is the answer. By simply indicating your preferences, we will look for the best real estate agent for you in Tilburg. So are you looking straight away? Get started and we will match you with the best real estate agent in Tilburg.

Figures housing market in Tilburg

When looking specifically at the housing market figures in Tilburg, it is important to look at the average house prices in the city and the number of housing transactions taking place. These housing market figures can give you an idea of the current status of the housing market in Tilburg, and can help you make decisions about buying or selling a property in Tilburg, for example.

Top 10 real estate agents in Tilburg

Finding a real estate agent in Tilburg is not that difficult, just finding the statistics of every real estate agent in Tilburg together is. At Juiste Makelaar we have made it a little easier for you, we have gathered all the data of all 96 active real estate agencies in Tilburg and created a handy overview of them, with filters:

  • Number of houses sold (number): the number 1 of the list sells the most homes in Tilburg.
  • Average asking price (euros): the average asking price is indicated in percentage. If the percentage is in green, the real estate agent is selling x number of percent above the average asking price in Tilburg.
  • Speed of selling houses (days): Selling your house quickly is not always rewarding. The speed is therefore indicated in stars

Costs of a real estate agent in Tilburg

The costs for a real estate agent in Tilburg can vary greatly and depend on the selling price of the property and experience/segment of the agent. This makes it difficult to determine the exact costs in advance. However, to give you an idea, an example is given below.

Asking price of a house in Tilburg (example) € 360.000
Average estate agent fee Tilburg 1,38 %
Costs of real estate agent € 4.968 
Start-up costs € 500
Total costs for a Tilburg real estate agent € 5.468

Compare costs of real estate agents Tilburg

If you want to compare the costs of different real estate agents in Tilburg, you can read below a number of points to consider. This is because it may be the case that real estate agents in Tilburg use a different fee calculation or charge different fees.

  • What rate does the real estate agent charge and is it no cure no pay?
  • What do you get for this price? Check whether there are any additional costs such as an Open House, land survey, brochures, photos, video, advertising costs or a
  • It can vary from real estate agent to real estate agent what you have to pay. Only some real estate agents also charge start-up fees. This could be for taking photos or to post the property online.
  • Is the amount exclusive or inclusive of VAT? This can make a lot of difference with the final bill.
  • Are there any fees when you withdraw the order? Sometimes these can be hundreds of euros.

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Compare real estate agents in Tilburg

When buying as well as selling, there are different requirements to compare real estate agents in Tilburg. Real estate agents need different qualities to serve you in the best possible way. After we have selected two real estate agents for you, you will still have to choose between them yourself. Here are some handy tips:

  • Don’t just look at the broker’s commission or the price the real estate agent asks. A slightly more expensive real estate agent can negotiate a better deal.
  • Check out the different strategies of local Tilburg real estate agents. Which strategy suits you and which do you trust most?
  • How does the real estate agent present properties and are the properties displayed well? After all, this is the first thing an interested buyer sees.
  • And finally, how do you feel about the real estate agent?

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Compare buying agents in Tilburg

  • How active is the buying agent in the neighbourhood or district in Tilburg you are looking for?
  • What are the tasks performed by the estate agents versus the costs charged by the buying agent? Always compare the costs including VAT.
  • Does the buying agent have a good network. Consider that the real estate agent may have good information about properties coming on the market.
  • Does the real estate agent always accompany you to viewings?
  • Do the buying agents offer HuisAssist? Here you can find all the services involved in the purchase and help you from A to Z with this.
  • What brokerage fees do the real estate agents charge. Is this a no cure no pay scheme? Real estate agents often work with percentages or a fixed fee.
  • How many purchases has the buying agent recently made in the Tilburg region?

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Advantages of a real estate agent in Tilburg

When you google ‘real estate agent Tilburg’, you quickly come across real estate agents who operate nationwide. However, in a tight housing market like Tilburg, it is important to work with a real estate agent who knows and understands the local market. A real estate agent who has recently bought and sold many homes in a Tilburg neighbourhood has much more relevant experience than a ‘national’ estate agent. Here are some key benefits why a local Tilburg real estate agent can help you better:

  • Local real estate agents often have more knowledge of the neighbourhood you want to buy or sell in
  • Real estate agents in Tilburg know other estate agents in the neighbourhood, so you’ll know what’s going on in the neighbourhood faster. This applies to both buying and selling
  • Real estate agents know other estate agents through and through and can assess which sales strategy is smart
  • The local estate agent knows all the local ins and outs of a neighbourhood

Featured expat real estate agents in Tilburg

Not all the top 10 real estate agents from Tilburg deserve to be highlighted as expat real estate agent. Besides the top lists, there are always good real estate agents active, so too in the Tilburg region. Below you can read nice insights into the different offices, this way you immediately know whether an office suits you on a personal level or not. Finally, do you want to know which real estate agent suits you best in Tilburg? Then fill in the comparison tool and Juiste Makelaar will match you with the best expat  real estate agent in the area.

NVM real estate agents in Tilburg

The Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents, also known as NVM, is the largest trade association in the Netherlands. Two other large trade associations are VBO and VastgoedPro. These trade associations ensure that real estate agents adhere to set requirements and rules that guarantee quality. When you contact a real estate agent in Tilburg through Juiste Makelaar, you can be sure that he or she is a member of NVM.

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How much does a real estate agent in Tilburg cost?


Most real estate agents in Tilburg charge a commission of 1.00% of the sales price (including VAT and start-up costs). The majority of the real estate agents in Tilburg apply “no cure no pay”. This means that you only have to pay when something is bought or sold!  The rest of the real estate agents often use a start-up fee or sometimes a withdrawal fee.

How many real estate agents are active in Tilburg?


In Tilburg, 96 real estate agents are active.

Can I compare real estate agents for free?


Yes, we are happy to help you find two suitable real estate agents for you free of charge and without obligation.

Can I only compare real estate in Tilburg?


We are active throughout the Netherlands! From Tilburg to Groningen and back.