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Real estate agent in Enschede

In a busy city like Enschede, it can be helpful to use a real estate agent to make selling or buying a property easier. Real estate agents in Enschede have good knowledge of the housing market and local regulations, which simplifies the process of buying or selling. However, the question is how to find the right estate agent in Enschede among the more than 75 active estate agents.

With our comparison tool, you can easily fill in your preferences and compare all real estate agents in Enschede before making your choice. So, are you not sure which real estate agent in Enschede suits you best? “Juiste Makelaar” helps you compare and find a professional estate agent in the Enschede region. This way, you can make an informed decision and make the right choice for your specific needs.

Top 10 real estate agents Enschede

The real estate agents top 10 in Enschede. Who isn’t curious about when to sell your house? Only how are you going to rank real estate agents in a top 10? At Juiste Makelaar, we have listed the estate agent statistics of all homes in Enschede for the past 12 months. This way, it is immediately possible to get a good insight of the real estate agents active in Enschede. Would you prefer Juiste Makelaar to compare the estate agents in Enschede for you? You can do that too, then start the tool now and leave your details. We’ll grab just a bit more data on the real estate agents!

  1. EXTRA Makelaars
  2. Thoma Post Makelaars Enschede
  3. Snelder Zijlstra Makelaars
  4. Marcel Kon Makelaardij Enschede
  5. Keuter Makelaars
  6. Euverman & Nuyts Enschede
  7. Prisma ERA Makelaars Enschede
  8. ten Hag Makelaarsgroep
  9. Vera Welker Makelaars
  10. Prenger Makelaardij o.g.

Costs real estate agent in Enschede

Since the cost of using a real estate agent in Enschede depends on what types of fees the agent charges, it is wise to determine in advance what these fees will be. Also note that there may be differences in the costs for buying agents and selling agents in Enschede

Costs selling agent in Enschede

The brokerage fees you pay to a real estate agent in Enschede are also called brokerage commission, this is often a percentage of the selling price. Because it is a percentage, the real estate agent receives a higher amount when selling a more expensive property. The cost of brokerage commission can vary depending on factors such as the experience of the real estate agent, the type of property, the price range and the type of real estate agency in Enschede. Currently, real estate agents in Enschede charge on average between 1.0% and 1.3% (including VAT) for brokerage fees. In addition to brokerage fees, you usually also pay an amount known as start-up costs. The table below shows an example of how to calculate the costs for a real estate agent in Enschede.

Asking price house in Enschede (example) € 333.000
Average brokerage commission Enschede 1.2 %
Costs of real estate agent € 3.996 
Start-up costs € 550
Total costs real estate agent Enschede € 4.546

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Buying agent costs Enschede

It is crucial to be aware of the different prices available for a buying agent in Enschede. Most real estate agents base their fees on brokerage, which means they charge a certain percentage of the purchase price. There are also buying agents in Enschede who use no-cure, no-pay. This means that no commission is charged when you withdraw your search from a real estate agent in Enschede. Other possible costs for a buying agent in Enschede may include:

  • Start-up costs
  • Costs for viewings
  • Withdrawal costs,
  • Costs for drawing up a purchase agreement

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Compare real estate agents in Enschede

When two real estate agents have come out of the comparison tool, however, you still need to compare these agents yourself. A common reason, of course, is to go by your gut. Below, however, we take a closer look at the different choices you can make with a real estate agent in Enschede for both buying and selling:

Comparing buying agents in Enschede:

  • Does the real estate agent have experience buying in the neighbourhood you’d like to live in?
  • How long has the buying agent been working in Enschede? This way you can make an estimate of the circle of knowledge;
  • What are the real estate agent’s costs? Does he charge a fixed price? And is it no-cure, no-pay so you only pay when you purchase a property?
  • Make sure you compare all prices inclusive; What tasks will the real estate agents perform for you? That way, you can make a good comparison of costs versus tasks;
  • Prefer help with every service in the purchase process? Then also check out HuisAssist, where you will be guided from A to Z.

Compare estate agents in Enschede:

  • Above all, do not only pay attention to the commission charged by the real estate agent, but check the service and quality, such as the home presentation. Does the real estate agent also work on a no-cure, no-pay basis?
  • Check previously sold properties from any real estate agent in the Enschede area where you want to sell. Do they match your house? Top! +1 for the real estate agent.
  • How is your impression of the real estate agent? Are the photos of the properties good, and is the overall presentation good. This is the first thing potential buyers see.
  • How will your property be marketed? What promotional channels will be used?

Advantages of a real estate agent in Enschede

Nowadays, it is increasingly difficult to buy a house. It is therefore nice that the moment you want to buy a house, the real estate agent in Enschede is familiar with the neighbourhood you are looking for. Enschede consists of 9 different neighbourhoods, which are all different. Different real estate agents are active in each neighbourhood, which means that even a local Enschede real estate agent has his own specific neighbourhoods as a niche. This may be partly because the real estate agent is more likely to buy and sell homes in Enschede Noord, for example, than in the Binnensingel area. Be sure to work with a local real estate agent because:

  • A local real estate agent in Enschede has the knowledge and experience in the area where you want to buy or sell;
  • The real estate agent may already know potential buyers for the house in Enschede you want to sell;
  • The real estate agent in the Enschede region knows what is going on in different neighbourhoods, which can save you from making the wrong choice;
  • The local real estate agent knows all other active brokers, which can help during the purchase or sale.

NVM real estate agents in Enschede

There are three trade associations in the Netherlands to which many real estate agents in Enschede belong: NVM, VBO or VastgoedPro. Juiste Makelaar only works with brokers who are affiliated with one of these trade associations. This means that these estate agents have received training and adhere to the trade association’s codes of conduct. As a consumer, you can always appeal to the trade association with which the estate agent is affiliated for extra certainty and quality of the estate agent in Enschede. Always look for reliable real estate agents in Enschede who are members of one of these trade associations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover below the most frequently asked questions about real estate agents in Enschede. Would you like to know more? Let us know

What does a real estate agent in Enschede cost?


On average, a real estate agent in Enschede costs between 1.05% and 1.23% of the sale price.

The cost of the broker includes VAT and all additional costs for the sale of the house.

What are the costs of a buying agent in Enschede?


A buying agent in Enschede is cheaper than a selling agent. The costs for a buying agent are between 2.100 and 2.750 euro.

How many agents are there at this moment active in Enschede?


There are currently 52 agents active in Enschede. These are all brokers who currently have a residence for sale.