Compare buying agents: What should you look for?

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Compare buying agents

Not everyone uses buying agents but with a tight housing market, buying agents are used more often in (larger) homes. A buying agent helps you search for your dream house and guides you through the buying process. In many cities in the Netherlands, it is increasingly difficult to buy a house as an individual without a buying agent. Because of the great interest in the scarce supply of houses, it is ‘normal’ that bids are higher than the asking price. A suitable buying agent can help you make an appropriate offer and knows exactly when suitable homes come on the market. This is why comparing buying agents is important.

What should you pay attention to when comparing buying agents?

When you enter your preferences during the check, Correct Broker selects the best buying agent, especially for you. The selected estate agents are experienced in buying homes in your specified city. After you have entered your preferences and they have been verified, you will receive an overview of the selected buying agent

Many people choose to get in touch with two buying agents. Based on the known data, all selected estate agents match your preferences. You still need to compare the two buying agents to choose the best one. Below are some points on which you can compare the buying agents:

  • What tasks will the purchasing agent perform for you?

Each buying agent has a slightly different approach. Largely, these tasks are the same, but they may differ in some details. For example, does the purchasing agent always accompany you to a viewing or does he or she only do so when you have a second look at a house?

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  • What do buying agents cost?

Every estate agent has their approach. So check that you are comparing corresponding estate agent fees. Does it include VAT? And what tasks does the purchasing agent perform? These are all aspects that can differ from one estate agent to another.

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  • Are there any other costs you should consider?

Does the purchasing agent charge withdrawal fees or start-up costs? This can factor into your choice of an estate agent. Especially if it is still uncertain where you want to live. Maybe you do want to live in another city, then this is an important point to compare estate agents on. It is certainly not crazy if withdrawal fees apply, keep in mind that this is around €500.

  • Which buying agent do you feel best with?

Of course, the peripherals of the two estate agents should be good, but an important factor when comparing buying agents is your feeling. In which estate agent do you feel confident that the person will take care of everything for you with the maximum result? This feeling is an important point to base your decision on. Don’t just go for the cheapest estate agent in whom you also have little confidence!

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buying agent preferences

buying agents in the best possible way. Therefore, you indicate your preferences as to what type of buying agent you are looking for. Based on your preference, the system compares the buying agents active in the region where you are looking for a new home. The different preferences all have different advantages. There are also several points to consider carefully before deciding on a purchasing agent.

1. buying agent with the good purchase experience

When you prefer a broker with good buying experience. Indicate that this is the most important thing the estate agent should meet. The good qualities of a purchasing agent can be divided into several points. The purchasing agent is communicatively easy to reach and is always there for you. In addition, the estate agent has a lot of knowledge of the buying process, and the neighbourhood and is familiar with various other estate agents. Furthermore, the purchasing agent is good at negotiating and very goal-oriented. Finally, the estate agent’s price-quality ratio is good.

2. Buying agent with a lot of neighbourhood knowledge

If you find it important that the broker has a lot of knowledge of the neighbourhood, select this option. The purchasing agent has a lot of experience with buying in this neighbourhood or specific village. This way, the purchasing agent is always well-informed about what is going on in the neighbourhood and which houses are coming up for sale.

3. Buying agent’s commission

Do you think the costs of a purchasing agent are the most important? Then you should select the preferred buying agent’s fee. This takes into account that the buying agent’s costs are low. Of course, the quality of the estate agent is still good, but don’t expect the same service as with an estate agent with many good buying experiences.

An important question to ask in addition is whether the purchasing agent with a low commission can achieve the same result as an estate agent with more experience and knowledge. An estate agent who charges a higher commission often asks this for a reason. For example, the purchasing agent achieves better results for the client or has a good network, which means he or she regularly has properties that are not yet on the market for sale.

4. All three preferences are equally important

Prefer the best of everything? Of course, you can. Then we will look for a purchasing agent who has the best of everything. A reasonable brokerage fee, in the neighbourhood and good experience. It may be that one of the preferences exceeds the other, but that still makes it the best estate agent for you! Curious? Find out now!

Compare buying agents with the right statistics

To compare one buying agent with another purchasing agent, it is important to use the right statistics from different places. It is also important to compare the performance and statistics of the buying agents properly. This way, you will know exactly which estate agent performs better in which district. When comparing buying agents, Correct Broker’s comparison system takes these statistics into account. You can read more about what these statistics are and their importance below:

Active in the local housing market

A purchasing agent who is active in the local housing market knows exactly what is going on. This way, the estate agent also knows when new houses come on the market. This way, you will be ahead of the other buyers, thanks to your good buying agent. At Juiste Makelaar, we know how active an estate agent is in the search area where you are looking for a house. The estate agents are then involved in both buying and selling houses.

Buying agent price

When selling a home, estate agents generally charge a commission on the sale price. However, with a purchasing agent, it is a lot less credible when the broker wants a brokerage fee based on the purchase amount. This would mean that the estate agent receives more while you have to pay more for a property. When comparing buying agents, the system takes into account the amount of the buying agents’ fees.

Price segment of the purchasing agent and your budget

Working with a purchasing agent should work well for both parties. Therefore, your budget must be in line with the homes a buying agent purchases. This ensures that the estate agent knows exactly what is going on in your segment and which homes are coming up for sale soon. Therefore, the comparison system takes into account the average purchase price of the purchasing agent in combination with your purchase budget.

Buying agent reviews

Most people find a buying agent through-via. This is because you hear good stories about a particular buying agent. At Juiste Makelaar, we use a similar system, but much bigger! We collect all reviews of buying agents in the Netherlands to then see which agents are good and which are bad. This is done based on reviews of estate agents.

Response time

Everyone is looking for a proactive buying agent who can always help you when you want the right questions answered. Once a purchasing agent receives a new application from Right Estate Agent, the agent should contact the consumer. The broker then explains the services and would like to schedule an appointment. At Correct Estate Agent, we keep track of whether buying agents respond on time. This matters to the customer, so then we think it matters too!

Personal preferences

What type of buying agent are you looking for yourself? That is the first question Juiste Makelaar would like to have answered. This way, the comparison system can generate a better match for you. Indicate where you are looking for a purchasing agent and what the agent must meet. Then we will do the rest.

How does it work?


Select your preferences

Click on the red button and select your preferences.


Personalized intake and selection

We will select the number of brokers you want at your preferences.


Real estate agents get in touch

The selected real estate agents will contact you without obligation.


You choose the right agent

Finally, you choose the real estate agent that best suits you!


See below our frequently asked questions about the services provided by Juiste Makelaar.

What does Juiste Makelaar do?


We are a real estate agent comparison service active throughout the Netherlands. Based on your preferences and our unique broker database we match you to the best broker for your situation. Before we put you in contact, we will contact you to complete the matching. This way there are no surprises. Then you will receive the selected brokers by email and they will contact you themselves. Then you choose the best real estate agent for your situation.

How do you compare real estate agents?


In the application we ask a number of preferences which we combine with the available broker data. After you have filled in this information we always contact you personally so we can complete the whole comparison.

Why is comparing real estate agents necessary?


In the Netherlands there are more than 9,000 active real estate agents. This makes it difficult to determine which estate agent is best suited for your situation. Which agent uses a good buying or selling strategy and what costs do the different brokers charge. Have you become curious? Compare right away!

Can I compare real estate agents anywhere in the Netherlands?


Yes, we can help you find a suitable real estate agent throughout the Netherlands. This is partly due to our many partners, so we can help you as best we can anywhere in the Netherlands.

What is a normal fee for a real estate agent in the Netherlands?


The average sales commission of a real estate agent in the Netherlands is between 1 and 1.25 percent. However, this naturally depends on what you agree with the real estate agent in question. You can think of a bonus agreement or a different set of tasks.

What happens after I complete the equation?


Immediately after filling out your preferences, you will receive a confirmation. After that we will contact you by phone, unless you prefer to be contacted in another way. When everything is to your satisfaction, the two selected real estate agents will contact you. Finally, you decide with which real estate agent you have the best connection and with whom you want to work.

Can I also get a price list from real estate agents?


No, because all real estate agents in the Netherlands have a different working method, it is not yet possible to send a standard price list. This is partly due to various aspects, such as that you can agree performance bonuses with estate agents so that the standard commission is lower, or that you carry out a number of tasks yourself. Other reasons for not being able to give a standard price list are: the sales ranks of agent firms, the location of your home, quality of the real estate agent and extra services they  offer.

Is this application through Juiste Makelaar free of charge?


Yes it is! This application is completely free of charge for you. We are happy to put you in contact with the selected real estate agents free of charge and without any obligation. At the moment you are finally helped with buying or selling your home, we ask a small fee to the broker, which means no costs to you.