Compare real estate agents: Do you need a real estate agent or not?

Juiste Makelaar makes comparing real estate agents easy. We compare, you choose

How do you compare different real estate agents?

The moment you want to buy or sell a house you are looking for the real estate agent who suits you best. It is therefore important to compare real estate agents and only then choose one. This is a time-consuming process as in many cities there are dozens of real estate agents active. For this reason, Juiste Makelaar helps you to simplify this process.

Based on your preferences we compare real estate agents. One or two brokers will be selected by our system. All real estate agents we select for you have experience in your area. Receive the selected brokers by mail, after which they will contact you. Then compare these brokers to choose the best one and sell your house together.

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What do you need to do to compare

First of all, you start the comparison by entering your city. Then click on your preferences. Juiste Makelaar will contact you to go through all your preferences and provide you with more information. If you have more questions, you can ask the comparison expert directly. You will receive an e-mail telling you which 2 estate agents have been selected.

How do we compare estate agents

Juiste Makelaar helps you compare estate agents throughout the Netherlands. We do this based on housing statistics and affiliated real estate agents throughout the Netherlands. All available information about homes, estate agents and statistics is collected here. The matching of estate agents is done according to a unique system, in which all your preferences and statistics are put into the comparison system. Then the system selects 2 estate agents that match these requirements.

The requirements the comparison and our experts take into account are:

  • Personal preferences

First of all, first, it is important to understand what type of estate agent you are looking for. After all, your personal preferences are always decisive in choosing the final estate agent. This is why we compare real estate agents as soon as our comparison expert has contacted you to discuss any preferences and additional questions. The moment we know what you do and don’t want, the comparison system can best select the estate agents.

  • Estate agent experience in the neighbourhood

Every neighbourhood has its characteristics and features. In addition, each neighbourhood contains different houses with different price ranges. As a result, local estate agents in the neighbourhood are more familiar with the homes and what is going on in the neighbourhood. Juiste Makelaar takes into account the experience of real estate agents in specific neighbourhoods. An agent based in a neighbourhood indicates the that broker is active in the neighbourhood. It is also important that an estate agent regularly sells houses in the neighbourhood. This way, an estate agent is more likely to stand out in the comparison.

  • Price segment and housing statistics

Not every estate agent is equally good at the same price segment of a home. A real estate agent who always sells homes worth 1 million may be less good at selling homes worth 300k. Vice versa, this is also the case. This is why the comparison system pays attention to the price segment of your home so that the estate agent matches the segment the home is in.

  • Real estate agent consumer reviews

Reviews from previous consumers working with estate agents are of great influence. Besides the fact that a high selling price is important, nice cooperation is also important. Real estate agents that get high reviews from customers they work with are essential for comparing agents. Besides our rating system, we use several rating sites to analyse estate agents’ reviews.

  • The reaction time of the agents

Once an agent is selected by the comparison system, the agent receives a message that they have been selected. The real estate agent should then contact them immediately via email, phone or WhatsApp. Here, the estate agent must do this at the desired time. The estate agents must indicate to Juiste Makelaar when contact was made; if this does not match the customer’s wishes, the real estate agent receives minus points.

  • Estate agent statistics

A click with the real estate agent is very important for prosperous cooperation. In addition, an agent has statistics on how the office performs. The real estate agent statistics the system takes into account:

    • How fast an agent sells houses on average
    • For what asking price the real estate agent puts up for sale
    • For what selling price the homes are subsequently sold
    • The neighbourhoods where the estate agent sells a lot of homes
    • The number of houses that a property agent sells in a given period
  • Real estate agent’s commission

The cost of a real estate agent is essential in choosing one. The price should always be competitive and never too high. When comparing estate agents, the system takes into account not only the performance of an estate agent but also the estate agent’s commission. This way, you can be sure that you will never pay too much for an estate agent.

Meeting the real estate agents

After Juiste Makelaar has selected two estate agents, these estate agents will contact you to schedule an appointment. To be sure how to compare these real estate agents, here are some points to look out for. This will help you select the best agent for you!

Prepare in advance what information you want to know from the real estate agent. Below are several questions on how to get a good idea of the estate agent and its presentation.

  • How will the house be presented? Do you agree with this?
  • On which platforms will the house be offered for sale? This way you can estimate the size of the interested audience.
  • What will be the estimate of the selling price? Is the justification convincing?

This is how you will find out how the estate agent works and how he will use his network. This way, you will have an idea of how estate agents work and how the person thinks he will successfully sell your house. The most important point of these questions is how good a feeling you have with the real estate agent.

Compare costs of real estate agents

After you have spoken to several real estate agents, you can compare the cost of the estate agents in addition to your personal preference. The brokerage fees of different estate agents can vary, so it is always good to compare these costs. But to compare costs, it is important to compare the same points.

  • First, what is the sales percentage the real estate agent charges?
  • Is there only a commission or also a certain bonus when a desired result is achieved?
  • What do you get for this price? Check whether there are any additional costs such as an Open House, environmental information, brochures, advertising costs or an architectural inspection.
  • When do you have to pay? You may already have to pay a percentage during the sales process. Therefore, check what you will pay at the time the sale is completed or when it fails.
  • Is the amount inclusive or exclusive of VAT, this may differ from one estate agent to another. So be sure to compare the same fees.
  • Are there withdrawal fees you have to pay when you have the house taken out of the sale?

Start with a free valuation then compare

If you have invited several real estate agents to your home while comparing the agents, you will experience how the real estate agents work. After all, you want to know what value the real estate agent estimates to be able to sell your home. The estate agent will do this by researching your home in advance. Consider the following points for a valuation:

  • Comparable houses that have recently been sold in the neighbourhood;
  • The current state of your house;
  • Location of the house (central or remote);
  • Area and contents of the house;
  • Energy label (compulsory);
  • Experience as a real estate agent.

Once the different real estate agents have come by and have shared their views on the free valuation, you can better compare them. After all, you have seen for yourself which real estate agent can currently sell your home the best, with the most conviction. The selling advice the estate agent will give is how you can best put the property on the market. The value of the house also affects the costs you pay for the real estate agent, the costs for the sales agent are discussed in advance during the valuation.

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Tips for comparing estate agents yourself

If you are still unable to choose a broker after comparing, there are still a few points you can look at critically. This way, you can be sure you are convinced to choose one of the estate agents.

  1. See what properties the estate agent has for sale. Do you agree with their presentation?
  2. Are you confident in the agents’ qualities?
  3. How fast are the broker’s current properties selling?
  4. Call the real estate agent to get a telephone impression. Potential home buyers also call the sales agent, so the first impression is important.
  5. Check the internet to see if the real estate agent has its marketing in place.

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How does it work?


Select your preferences

Click on the red button and select your preferences.


Personalized intake and selection

We will select the number of brokers you want at your preferences.


Real estate agents get in touch

The selected real estate agents will contact you without obligation.


You choose the right agent

Finally, you choose the real estate agent that best suits you!


Check out the frequently asked questions about Juiste Makelaar its services below.

Compare real estate agents based on brokerage, what should you look for?


When you compare brokerages (read: percentage of the selling price), compare whether the following points are the same: the broker’s duties, costs including VAT, promotional channels, withdrawal fees and experience in the neighborhood.

Which factor is most important when comparing real estate agents?


Many people will say cost, but in the end it’s all about the selling price in relation to the woz value. This can really show you which broker performs best.

How many real estate agents should you compare?


As many as possible, this way you will know which broker is the best. Proper Broker does the preliminary work, the whole search and comparison. In the end, the best 2 brokers remain, after which you can choose for yourself.

Are reviews important when comparing real estate agents?


Yes, but with a minimum number of reviews and the average of various platforms. On Funda, for example, you may only review by invitation, this ensures very high ratings. Pay attention to this!

Do the industry associations play a role in comparing real estate agents?


The various brokers associations NVM, VBO and VastgoedPro provide a guarantee of quality and a hotline where you can go with complaints. This ensures that, in general, these brokers perform better. However, there are of course also non-member brokers who perform excellently. But know the risks.