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Real estate agent in Amsterdam

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Amsterdam, working with a local real estate agent can provide significant advantages. With in-depth knowledge of the city’s housing market and regulations, an Amsterdam agent can simplify the process and ensure the best possible outcome. Whether you’re selling and want to avoid undervaluing your property, or buying and want to avoid overpaying, partnering with an experienced real estate agent in Amsterdam can help you achieve your goals.

The figures housing market in Amsterdam

If you’re interested in the Amsterdam housing market, there are several key figures to keep in mind. These include the number of house sales, which reflects the volume of transactions carried out by real estate agents in the city during the last quarter. Another important metric is the average selling time, which indicates how quickly homes are selling on average. Additionally, it’s important to consider the average asking price for successfully sold homes, as well as any differences between the asking price and the final sale price, which can indicate whether the market is experiencing an increase or decrease in property values.

Real estate agent costs in Amsterdam

When selling your house in Amsterdam, you generally engage a real estate agent. The estate agent fee you owe is the brokerage commission, which is generally a percentage. Because it is a percentage, the real estate agent receives a higher amount when selling a more expensive house. The costs differ among other things due to: the experience of the real estate agent, type of property, price range and the type of real estate agency in Amsterdam. Currently, on average, a real estate agent costs 1.08% in Amsterdam. The current asking price is € 586,000. This means that currently, a real estate agent costs €6,320; this amount includes VAT.

Note: For homes with a lower asking price, it is normal for a real estate agent to charge a higher commission. While for more expensive homes, it is standard for an Amsterdam real estate agent to ask for a lower brokerage fee.

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Compare real estate agents in Amsterdam

Finding a friendly real estate agent is easy in Amsterdam. Since there are 369 real estate agents in Amsterdam, the choice is more than enough. It is therefore important to find a good estate agent rather than a friendly one. At Juiste Makelaar, we help compare estate agents, giving you a choice based on statistics and your personal preference. Below is a list based on which brokers’ performance in Amsterdam is compared at Juiste Makelaar:

  • Your personal preferences matter in finding a suitable real estate agent. Our expert contacts you to make sure we understand what your preferences are.
  • The responsiveness before the real estate agent contacts you. At Juiste Makelaar, we work with proactive real estate agents who are always there for you. Therefore, the real estate agent must contact you quickly.
  • The real estate agent should be familiar with your Amsterdam neighbourhood. Juiste Makelaar analyses the number of house sales in the neighbourhood to make sure you have a real estate agent who knows the neighbourhood.
  • Previous consumers who have worked with real estate agents are important. That’s why our system scans reviews from various sites daily and why we keep our reviews of real estate agents in Amsterdam. This way, you can be sure that you are working with a reputable real estate agent.
  • The selling costs of the different real estate agents determine whether the agent is value for money. You as the seller want to receive the highest possible price. Here, it is important that the real estate agent looks after these interests and makes sure you conclude the best sale.
  • Every real estate agent in Amsterdam has a specific segment in which they sell many homes. The comparison system ensures that you are matched with a real estate agent who is familiar with your house type and housing segment.

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Benefits of a real estate agent in Amsterdam

It varies from time to time that a discussion arises whether selling with a real estate agent is smart or not. Especially in a city like Amsterdam, prices vary tremendously. The city has been hugely popular for years, causing a huge shortage of homes in almost every housing segment. This also ensures that when you want to sell your house, there are interested parties immediately. However, the real estate agent not only ensures that your house will be sold. The real estate agent also provides a number of other benefits. A few important advantages are:

  • The real estate agent in Amsterdam has a database of potential buyers, this ensures a faster sale.
  • You have no stress because the real estate agent takes all the tasks off your hands.
  • The real estate agent realises the highest selling price for your home, as the agent knows the game.
  • All the details are checked and you have a professional handling of the sale.

NVM real estate agents in Amsterdam

Many real estate agents in Amsterdam are members of one of the three trade associations in the Netherlands. Of these, the best known is the NVM, followed by VBO and VastgoedPro. Within Amsterdam, there is also the MVA, MakelaarsVereniging Amsterdam, this professional group belongs to the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Within the MVA, additional branches can be divided, such as MVA Certified Expat Broker. Juiste Makelaar works together with the NVM brokers in Amsterdam, but also with VBO and VastgoedPro brokers. Real estate agents affiliated with one of the three trade associations show that they have received training and are subject to the trade association’s codes of conduct. So, as a consumer, you can always complain to the trade association to which the estate agent is affiliated.

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Featured real estate agents in Amsterdam

Besides the top 10 best estate agents in Amsterdam, there are also real estate agents who are popular because they are nice to work with Expats. Below you will discover popular real estate agents in the city. These are real estate agencies in Amsterdam that customers of Juiste Makelaar have had good experiences with and that meet their requirements.

KNAP Makelaardij Certified Expat Broker

KNAP makelaardij is a professional real estate agency in Amsterdam. The brokerage is a member of the NVM and is happy to offer their services to expats, investors and individuals looking for an ideal home.

Weesperzijde 107, Amsterdam  (+31) 20 201 55 33

Dutch Real Estate Company

Dutch Real Estate Company. Experts in helping expats find their perfect housing solution, we offer full service and make the process as easy as possible. Trust them to turn your housing dreams into a reality.

Maasstraat 188, Amsterdam  (+31) 20 772 34 60

27 House Real Estate

27 House Real Estate is here to help. As a licensed real estate agency with a team of both native English and Dutch speakers, They are well-equipped to assist expats in making all the right moves. Trust them to guide you through the process and find the perfect home or investment opportunity.

Nieuwe Leliestraat 27, Amsterdam  (+31) 20 428 0721

Peter Bruin Makelaardij - Certified Expat Broker

Peter Bruin Makelaardij – Certified Expat Broker is in the market for luxury real estate in Amsterdam and its surrounding areas. With over 40 years of experience in the industry and a commitment to providing the highest level of guidance and consultation, they are the trusted choice for expats seeking the best in real estate.

Valeriusplein 22, Amsterdam  (+31) 20 6768022

Amsterdam House Hunting

Amsterdam House Hunting provides complete home buying service a personalized approach and access to all the top estate agents and real estate contacts in the city, saving you time, effort, and money. Trust them to handle all the details and help you find your dream home.

Concertgebouwplein 14, Amsterdam  (+31) 20 675 4068

Engel & Völkers Amsterdam

Engel & Völkers helps to to relocate to the Netherlands as an expat or international company. Their comprehensive relocation service package covers all aspects of the process, including finding housing and schools, providing advice on mortgages and taxes. They will guide you every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition and help you feel at home as quickly as possible.

Willemsparkweg 89, Amsterdam  (+31) 20 716 2418

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Real estate agent valuation in Amsterdam

Making an appointment with an estate agent is generally free of charge in Amsterdam. In doing so, you will also generally get a free valuation right away. A free valuation is not the same as a valuation. With an appraisal, the appraiser will draw up a valuation report, which the estate agent does not do with a valuation. However, you do get a lot out of the free valuation. The estate agent will explain for what price he or she thinks he or she can sell your home and with what strategy. This is usually based on previous sales in the neighbourhood and the estate agent’s strategy. So a free valuation is included in the appointment.

Compare estate agents in Amsterdam

The costs of different estate agents vary widely. After all, every estate agent calculates the price differently. That’s why there are some important questions you can ask the estate agent in Amsterdam. This way, you can make sure you compare the same costs. Below are the most important points to compare the costs of each estate agent.

  • Does the estate agent charge a fixed price, or a commission or does he or she also charge a bonus?
  • Is it a pre-agreed amount or is it a no-cure, no-pay broker?
  • What do you get for the proposed proposal? Check whether there are any additional costs such as for an Open House, environmental information, brochures, photos/video, advertising costs or an architectural report.
  • When do you have to pay? It varies per estate agent when you have to pay. You may have to pay start-up costs. Check what you pay at the time the sale is completed or when it fails.
  • Is the amount inclusive or exclusive of VAT, this may differ from one estate agent to another? So be sure to compare the same costs. This may well differ.
  • Are there any withdrawal fees you have to pay when the house is withdrawn from sale?

Estate agents with a fixed rate

Every estate agent in Amsterdam works slightly differently. Not only the working method of the estate agent can differ, but also the way the estate agent calculates his or her commission. In Amsterdam, it is possible to agree on a fixed rate with the estate agent.
A fixed amount does not depend on the selling price of the house but is simply the agreed amount. Most estate agents in Amsterdam prefer to work with a commission because this way the proactive estate agent is rewarded for a better result achieved. However, with a fixed fee, you can also enthuse the estate agent in Amsterdam.
How can you make sure the real estate agent in Amsterdam agrees to a fixed rate? Agree on a fixed rate which is slightly higher than the broker’s commission. This way, the estate agent also knows that the earnings from a successful sale are good. When you live in a popular neighbourhood, the estate agent probably already has other prospective buyers lined up.

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What does an estate agent in Amsterdam cost?


The brokerage fees of real estate agents when selling a home in Amsterdam vary widely from 0.75% to 2% of the sale price. The average of the real estate agents in Amsterdam is around 1.08% of the sale price. Often a fixed amount can be agreed or a performance bonus. This is negotiable with the broker.

How do I compare real estate agents in Amsterdam?


  1. Invite several brokers for an interview.
  2. Request quotes from different real estate agents.
  3. Look on Google Maps where real estate agents are located.
  4. Read reviews of real estate agents.
  5. Compare through different comparison sites.

How many agents are active in Amsterdam?


369 real estate agents are currently active in Amsterdam.

Can I compare real estate agents for free at Juiste Makelaar?


Yes, we help you for free and without obligation to find a suitable real estate agent when buying or selling a home.  You are not tied to anything.

Should a partnership between you and the real estate agent be established, then we receive a small fee from the agent. For you it will always be free!

Are you only active in Amsterdam?


No, we compare real estate agents throughout the Netherlands. Whether you are looking in Amsterdam or Maastricht, we can definitely help you find two local agents.