What does a real estate agent do? And what is a real estate agent?

A real estate agent affiliated with a trade association is important for increased confidence

What is a real estate agent?

Many people have an immediate preconception about a real estate agent and what a real estate agent does. Regularly, the estate agent is given an image of ‘the quick type’. This damages the overall trust in estate agents in the Netherlands. The term real estate agent refers to both the sales agent and the purchase agent. However, people are more likely to talk about an estate agent when the estate agent is selling a house. This is mainly because every sale involves a real estate agent while a purchase agent does not always occur.

A real estate agent is a professional who deals with buying and selling real estate. In most cases, this involves properties owned by and for people. The real estate agent helps someone sell someone’s house. While the purchasing agent helps buy a house for someone.

Selling a house: what does a real estate agent do?

What does a real estate agent do when selling a house? guides the sale of a house from A to Z. In doing so, the agent ensures that you, the seller, have few worries about selling your house. Of course, it is also possible to perform certain tasks yourself. This is always negotiable with the estate agent, in which you agree on what the estate agent will do for you and what you do. Below is an overview of what the estate agent does:

  • The agent sets the asking price
  • A sales strategy is presented
  • The agent’s office actively searches for potential buyers
  • Viewings are arranged
  • Conducts negotiations with the purchasing party
  • Draws up the deed of sale (this may vary from one municipality to another).
  • Arranges notarial matters and any legal extras

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Buying a house: what does a buyer’s agent do?

It is not only while selling your house that a real estate agent is good to make use of. Nowadays, when buying a house, a purchasing agent is increasingly normal. This is mainly because of the current housing shortage. When there are many bidders for one house, you want a purchasing agent to help you with the bidding. Of course, the purchasing agent does good preliminary research on what to bid for, but what else does a purchasing agent do? Here’s an overview of what a purchase agent’s job is:

  • Draws up a search profile
  • Searches for suitable homes
  • Will (if necessary) accompany you to viewings
  • Makes a realistic valuation of the house before making an offer
  • Searches relevant information about a potential buying property
  • Conducts negotiations with the sales agent
  • Verifies the sales agreement

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How do you compare different real estate agents in the area?

Buying or selling a home is a very important decision. You usually do it once or at most several times in your life. In addition, it is immediately the most valuable asset you want to buy or sell. It is therefore essential to choose the best real estate agent for you. There are several considerations you can make, here are some issues on how to make the best choice for a good real estate agent:

  • Do you have a good feeling about the realtor?
  • What will the real estate agent do for you? What tasks does the real estate agent perform?
  • Do the agents show that he or she is knowledgeable?
  • Is the real estate agent a member of one of the trade associations and how much experience does he or she have?
  • How active is the agent on social media and in promoting the homes?
  • When selling: How and where does he/she present the home?
  • Does the real estate agent have a lot of experience in buying and selling in the neighbourhood where you want to buy or sell?

What does an appraiser do?

The main job of an appraiser is to determine the value of a house, building or piece of land. This is done using several guidelines. Among other things, an appraiser looks at the size, type and layout of properties. In addition, the location, degree of maintenance and the value of other properties in the same neighbourhood/area are aspects that play a role in the appraiser’s assessment. As an independent and qualified person, the appraiser can properly assess the value of your house. With an appraisal report on your house, you will know exactly how much it is worth so that you can make favourable decisions about selling or buying. Moreover, if you want to get a mortgage on that property, the valuation report is necessary as part of that process.

* An appraiser should always be independent and therefore should not already be involved as a sales agent or purchase agent.

Juiste Makelaar works with industry associations for estate agents

Juiste Makelaar te koop bordJuiste Makelaar for sale board with Juiste Makelaar, it is very important that you have a reliable estate agent when you buy or sell a house and you are sure about what an estate agent does. That’s why Correct Realtor only works with estate agents who are members of an industry association, we can guarantee the quality of the estate agent.

What is an industry association for estate agents?

In the Netherlands, there are three trade associations for estate agents. All three check their affiliated estate agents for expertise, reliability and security. The three sector associations for estate agents in the Netherlands are the NVM, VBO and VastgoedPro. All three are affiliated with the Estate Agency Disputes Committee. This ensures that you, the consumer, are protected if you have a dispute with the estate agent. In addition, the estate agents have received training, so this demonstrates the quality and expertise of the estate agent.

About NVM Makelaars

The Nederlandse Vereniging van Makelaars (NVM) is the largest trade association for estate agents in the Netherlands. The NVM supports both the real estate agent and the consumer. In addition, as an organisation, they promote the interests of NVM agents in the Netherlands, for example in terms of legislation and regulations. The NVM has several departments, which means they are divided into different regions. An example is the Makelaarsvereniging Amsterdam (MVA) in Amsterdam. Each department within the NVM has to abide by the rules set by the NVM. Some departments differentiate by using quality labels such as “New Build Specialist” or “Erfpacht Expert”.

An NVM agent has extensive training and experience in real estate agent and is up to date with the latest developments and laws and regulations in the field of home sales and purchases. In addition, NVM agents must meet strict requirements in terms of integrity and expertise and are obliged to join a disputes committee. This offers you, the client, extra security and confidence.

About VBO makelaar

The Vereniging Bemiddeling Onroerend gold, also known as VBO, focuses not only on estate agents but also on consumers. The VBO website shows the offers of all VBO agents. The VBO’s core task, however, remains to represent the interests of the VBO estate agents. The organisation has a reputation as an innovative and customer-oriented organisation with clear advice.

The following five core values are central to the VBO Makelaar:

  • Expertise
  • Open attitude
  • Integrity
  • Initiative in addressing current issues
  • Innovative solutions in the real estate market

About VastgoedPro

VastgoedPro is a professional association that does not communicate directly with consumers. This trade association exists specifically to support and guide various professional groups in the real estate sector. VastgoedPro was formed in 2009 from a merger to monitor quality, represent interests and promote expertise. The merger originated from the Landelijke Makelaars Verenging(LMV) and Register van Vastgoed Taxateur (RVT). Despite VastgoedPro being relatively young in existence, the association has more than 25 years of experience from the previous two professional associations.

About VastgoedCert

Since 2001, estate agents and valuers are no longer a protected title. This means that anyone can take a title, regardless of knowledge and experience in residential or commercial real estate. Because real estate is a sector in which large sums of money are involved, in buying and selling real estate. That is why the Stichting VastgoedCert was set up, an industry-wide platform that certifies and registers estate agents and valuers based on their professional competence. The VastgoedCert register now has 6,500 registered experts.

About Stichting Certificering Makelaars (SCVM)

De Stichting Certificering Makelaars (SCVM) has existed since 2001, the year estate agents became a liberal profession since then, anyone can call themselves an estate agent without having learned to do so. Like VastgoedCert, the SCVM is an organisation that takes care of the certification and registration of professional real estate agents. So private and business customers know they are dealing with an office with expertise and professional knowledge. The SCVM is recognised by organisations such as Vereniging Eigen Huis, the Nationale Hypotheek Garantie, the Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken, NWWI, VBO and VastgoedPro.

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Check out the frequently asked questions about real estate agents below.

Can my real estate agent also be my buying agent?


Yes, your real estate agent may sell your home and also be your buying agent or vice versa. However, the agent may only have an interest in one party, so may not earn money from one house several times, otherwise it’s a conflict of interest.

What does a real estate agent do?


A real estate agent is the intermediary in real estate, they mediate between seller and buyer on behalf of one party of the parties involved.

Is an estate agent a free profession?


Yes, anyone can call themselves a real estate agent. Some trade associations have quality requirements as a result of which a course with test moments is necessary to join a trade association.

What is brokerage?


Commission is a fee that a broker charges or the sale or purchase of the property. Often this is a percentage or fixed amount.