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Real estate agent Maastricht: Is a real estate agent necessary?

With the purchase and / or sale of your home, in this overheated housing market, it can be useful to use a real estate agent. It is important to choose a suitable estate agent in Maastricht. They can support you in the search for your dream house. While selling your house, the real estate agent in Maastricht can realise the best price. Searching for the best real estate agent in Maastricht is an important step.

First of all, there are dozens of brokers active in Maastricht. Proper Broker understands that it is complicated to discover the differences between each broker. Especially when you have little or no experience in working with a real estate agent. That’s why we can match you directly to the best real estate agent based on your preferences and available agent data. Once you have made an application, you will receive the selected estate agents. The two estate agents will contact you without obligation to explain how they can help. You can then choose which Maastricht real estate agent best suits your needs. Do you have doubts about a real estate agent in Maastricht? Then let Juiste Makelaar advise you. Every day, we help dozens of people throughout the Netherlands find a real estate agent, including in Maastricht.

The advantages of a local real estate agent in Maastricht

In the Netherlands, there are brokers who focus on online, national or local, in this there is no right or wrong. Ultimately, this remains a personal choice. In general, the brokerage commission for a local broker is just a little higher than an alternative. So why would you choose a local real estate agent? 

  • The local broker Maastricht knows the housing market in Maastricht like no other.
  • The local Maastricht realtor often knows potential buyers or sellers.
  • The local realtor Maastricht knows which homes are going to be put on the market and which have recently been sold.
  • The local realtor Maastricht provides extra service, which leads to more satisfied customers.

The biggest disadvantage of a local realtor is that you generally pay higher realtor fees. However, the realtor in Maastricht does provide better service, faster service because the realtor works around the corner and he/she knows other realtors in the area. So you have the advantage of hearing about things through the grapevine. This will hardly ever happen with an online or national real estate agent.

Employing a real estate agent in Maastricht

When “Juiste Makelaar” has put you in contact with the two selected brokers, you eventually have to choose one. In the end, the click that you have with a realtor is very important, as is knowledge. Of course, there are more points to choose between the brokers.

Compare real estate agents Maastricht

When you want to buy a house, this is a big step, especially because you don’t do this every now and then. A real estate agent Maastricht does it every day, so it is handy to use one. When you are going to compare different buying agents with each other to make a final choice with whom you will work, it can be useful to take into account the following points:

  • What tasks does the real estate agent perform? Does he accompany you to viewings or help you with bidding and what else do they do for you?
  • Does the buying agent have architectural knowledge?  The broker is not an architect, so this knowledge is an advantage. (When buying a house, it is always useful to have an architectural inspection carried out via HuisAssist).
  • Does the buying agent know all the neighbourhoods of Maastricht where you want to live?
  • What costs does the buying agent charge? Buying agents often charge a commission or a fixed fee; always check whether this is on a no cure no pay basis.

Compare real estate agents Maastricht

My house will sell itself… Your house is the most beautiful of all and it will be sold in no time. Of course, we know that for sure at Juiste Makelaar! Only despite the fact that your property sells itself and that it is sold within a considerably short time, it is important to get the best and highest possible result out of it. A local real estate agent Maastricht can help you with this, after all, they know the market like no other. Before you choose one and do the comparison, it is useful to pay attention to the following points:

  • Look at the housing offer on the website of each estate agent. Here you can see how the real estate agent presents other properties in Maastricht. You can look at the advertisement texts and how the photos were taken.
  • Which promotion channels does the real estate agent use to put the house for sale? This can be anything from housing platforms to neighbourhood mailings.
  • Does the real estate agent in Maastricht have experience in the neighbourhood where you want to sell your house?
  • What rate does every broker use? Every broker uses different rates for the sale. This can vary from a commission, a fixed price to a graduated scale. In addition, it may be useful whether this is also a no-cure, no-pay rate. In short, everything is negotiable with the real estate agent as long as you mention it. 
  • Does the real estate agent charge start-up costs? Estate agents often charge a start-up fee to have photos taken and to place the house online, for example.
  • Finally, which real estate agent do you feel most comfortable with?

Looking for more tips on comparing real estate agents in Maastricht? Here you can find more information on comparing real estate agents in Maastricht, so you can make the best choice!

Living in Maastricht


Besides the many real estate agents in Maastricht, it is of course a beautiful city with a lot of charm and charisma. When you walk through the city you immediately discover its charm. You feel the Burgundian atmosphere here. There are excellent restaurants, where you can perfectly enjoy an evening of all the goodies the city has to offer. Typical Maastricht is the beautiful shopping streets, speciality shops, culture, historical buildings, beautiful parks and sunny terraces. Maastricht’s most famous spot is by far the Vrijthof, where André Rieu gives his concerts every year.

More than 120,000 inhabitants live in Maastricht. The city is therefore divided into five different districts.

Overzicht van de wijken in Maastricht

1. Centrum; 2. Zuidwest; 3. West; 4. Noordwest; 5. Oost; 6. Noordoost; 7. Zuidoost

Popular cities nearby Maastricht

Den Bosch

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See below our frequently asked questions about the services provided by Juiste Makelaar.

What does a real estate agent in Maastricht cost?


A real estate agent in Maastricht often charges a percentage based on the selling price of a house. The costs are on average between 1.15% and 1.39% of the selling price.

How many active estate agents are there in Maastricht?


There are 49 real estate agents currently selling homes in Maastricht. The number of real estate agents is about the same.

What are the costs of a buying agent in Maastricht?


A buying agent costs an average of 3,300 euros in Maastricht. The costs of the real estate agent are mainly based on a no-cure, no-pay principle. This way, you only pay in case of a successful purchase.