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It is one of the most searched terms about Amersfoort: ‘best real estate agent Amersfoort’. But will you find exactly what you want to find? The answer is no. First of all, you need to know what a good price is for a real estate agent. In addition, it is important that you know what a real estate agent in Amersfoort can do for you and, of course, what the added value is.

At Juiste Makelaar, we know what the pitfalls are when looking for a suitable estate agent. It’s not just about the real estate agent’s commission. Especially with the current sales prices in Amersfoort, the real estate agent’s expertise can add up to a considerable amount.

Below are tips on how to compare real estate agents. Not on price, but on the unknown aspects so you know for sure that your future real estate agent can make the difference!

 Top 10 real estate agents Amersfoort

What is the current top 10 best real estate agents in Amersfoort? That is a question Juiste Makelaar often gets. The top 10 estate agents at Juiste Makelaar shows well in what different ways top 10 estate agents can be made. When comparing real estate agents in Amersfoort, we take into account different statistics, but also the results that real estate agents achieve. Below you can see the statistics on which the top 10 real estate agents Amersfoort can be filtered. Below the top 10 estate agents, you can see the other variable that Juiste Makelaar takes into account.

  1. Makelaardij de Parel
  2. Drenth Makelaars
  3. Visie Makelaardij
  4. Anne Fem nvm makelaardij
  5. Buijs Regiomakelaars | Amersfoort
  6. Hendriks Makelaardij Amersfoort
  7. Govaert Makelaardij Verhuur & Beheer
  8. Woonvast Makelaars
  9. Kiers Vastgoed – Uw makelaar in Amersfoort
  10. Telman & Van Leeuwen Makelaars

Top 10 number of houses sold

The first top 10 real estate agents is set by the number of homes sold. This way, you can see the real estate agent who sells the most homes in the city of Amersfoort. This is about the number of sales in the past 12 months.

Selling time in days

Curious which real estate agent sells the fastest in Amersfoort? Then filter the top 10 real estate agents based on the number of stars. This way, you know for sure that you are working with a real estate agent who will quickly put your home on the market and sell it immediately.

Top 10 real estate agents highest asking price

A real estate agent with a high green percentage tells you that this agent sells houses that are higher than the average asking price in Amersfoort. This way, you can make a good assessment of whether the real estate agent fits within your housing segment.

Costs real estate agent in Amersfoort

Because the costs depend on what kind of costs the real estate agent in Amersfoort charges, it is good to find out in advance what these costs are. There is also a difference in the costs when you sell your house in Amersfoort or buy a house.

Costs of a selling agent in Amersfoort

Of course, we also understand that the costs of a real estate agent, including in Amersfoort, are important. After all, does a real estate agent really cost? Based on data from various real estate agents, we have made a calculation of what a real estate agent costs in Amersfoort in the current housing market. Please note, this is an example and brokerage fees can still vary considerably. The costs for a buying agent may differ.

Example real estate agent costs Cost
Asking price house in Amersfoort € 450.000
Average brokerage commission in Amersfoort Amersfoort 1.2 %
Costs of real estate agent € 5.400 
Start-up costs € 550
Total costs real estate agent Amersfoort € 5.950

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Buying agent costs Amersfoort

The costs for a buying agent in Amersfoort, just like for a selling agent in Amersfoort, can vary a lot. Most buying agents in Amersfoort charge fees based on brokerage, a percentage of the purchase price. Many real estate agents in Amersfoort also use no-cure, no-pay. Here, no costs are charged if you withdraw your search request from a real estate agent in Amersfoort. Other possible costs for a buying agent in Amersfoort may include:

  • Start-up costs
  • Withdrawal costs
  • Costs for drawing up a purchase agreement
  • Costs for a viewing

Additional tip: Check all necessary services when buying a house on HuisAssist. They can help you finding all professionals that are necessary when buying a house.

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Compare real estate agents in Amersfoort

On what should you make your choice of a particular real estate agent. Of course, that depends on which aspect you find most important. If you are looking for the cheapest real estate agent in terms of commission then it is simple. But what if you want the best of all areas? A good ‘fair’ price, a real estate agent with experience, active in the neighbourhood where you want to buy or sell and also proactive. These are also aspects that Juiste Makelaar takes into account. When we select only two real estate agents in Amersfoort, you will still have to compare them. How? Then weigh up the following points:

  • Do you compare the same tasks of the real estate agents?
  • Make sure the prices include VAT, this sometimes goes wrong.
  • How will the real estate agent handle the sale? On which housing sites will your house be listed? And does the real estate agent have a good basis for the selling price?
  • How does the real estate agent present himself, are you comfortable with that?
  • Does the real estate agent listen to your own wishes & ideas? After all, this is often how good collaborations come about.

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Advantages local real estate agent in Amersfoort

It varies from time to time that a discussion arises whether selling with a real estate agent is smart or not. Especially in a city like Amersfoort where prices can vary a lot. However, the real estate agent not only ensures that your home will be sold. The real estate agent also provides a number of other benefits. A few important advantages are:

  • The real estate agent in Amersfoort has a database of potential buyers, this ensures a faster sale.
  • You have less stress because the real estate agent takes all the tasks off your hands.
  • The real estate agent realises the highest selling price for your home, since the agent knows the game.
  • All the details are checked and you have a professional handling of the sale.

NVM real estate agents in Amersfoort

The Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents, also known as NVM, is the largest trade association in the Netherlands. Two other well-known trade associations are VBO and VastgoedPro. These trade associations ensure that real estate agents adhere to set requirements and rules that guarantee quality. When you contact a real estate agent in Amersfoort through Juiste Makelaar, you can be sure that he or she is a member of NVM.

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Featured expat real estate agents Amersfoort

When looking for a suitable real estate agent in Amersfoort, dozens of names come to mind. Besides a top 10 list of real estate agents in Amersfoort, we highlight a number of good expat real estate agents. These real estate agents provide good service and have high ratings. This way, you can be sure which real estate agent provides a good service.

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Find out more about frequently asked questions about the real estate agents operating in Amersfoort.

What does a real estate agent cost in Amersfoort?


When selling your house, a real estate agent in Amersfoort costs between 0.85% and 1.05% of the sale price. This means that a real estate agent in Amersfoort costs between € 4,100 and € 5,100.

What does a house cost on average in Amersfoort?


At this moment, the average asking price for a house in Amersfoort is € 488,000. The actual amount is slightly higher, taking into account overbidding.

What does a buying agent in Amersfoort cost?


A buying agent in Amersfoort is very popular. The average costs of a buying agent are between 0.6% and 0.7%. However, most buying agents charge a fixed fee.

How many agents are active in Amersfoort?


At this moment there are 73 active real estate agents in Amersfoort. However, not all real estate agents are equally active.