Real estate agent in Rotterdam: How do you find the best real estate agent in town?

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Real estate agent in Rotterdam

Are you looking for a real estate agent in Rotterdam? If you are unfamiliar with estate agents and you are looking for one anyway, this search probably starts with typing ‘Real estate agent Rotterdam’ on Google. Then you quickly see, that there are so many different real estate agents in Rotterdam alone! With Juiste Makelaar’s comparison service, you can be sure to choose the best estate agent Rotterdam.

Costs of a real estate agent in Rotterdam

The cost of a local real estate agent Rotterdam is difficult to determine. Not every real estate agent in Rotterdam has the same working method, the same status and provides exactly the same services. But to give you a good idea, we will do the math from our experience.

Current asking price property in Rotterdam (average) € 580.000
Average brokerage commission Rotterdam 1,38 %
Cost of real estate agent € 8.000,- 
Start-up costs € 550,-
Total cost of real estate agent in Rotterdam € 8.550,-

Is the real estate agent worth these fees? Many people will say not, this is not entirely true. There are plenty of real estate agents who can often achieve a higher sale price. This can be o because they know other real estate agents, where those often have searchers they can convince. This will ensure a higher selling price, but above all, don’t let the cost of a local real estate agent alone guide you. Therefore, be sure you have a suitable real estate agent, compare the best real estate agents in Rotterdam first and only then choose.

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Compare real estate agents in Rotterdam

Many people know the dilemma: You want to sell your house, but how do you go about choosing a real estate agent? The first step is to do some preliminary research on which real estate agent in Rotterdam performs well, has good service and, of course, who has good reviews. At Juiste Makelaar, all this information has already been gathered. This saves you as a consumer a lot of time, and it also immediately saves you the chance of finding the ‘wrong’ estate agent in Rotterdam. Data that Juiste Makelaar has collected over the past few years include:

  • The average selling time of each real estate agent
  • The asking price of every real estate agent in Rotterdam
  • The average selling price of the real estate agents
  • The costs of a real estate agent in Rotterdam
  • The number of houses the real estate agent has sold in Rotterdam
  • The number of collaborations between our clients and the real estate agents in Rotterdam

Compare real estate agents yourself

After comparing real estate agents for your home in Rotterdam, you will get in touch with the 2 best real estate agents. These real estate agents want to make an appointment to discuss their services. Ideally, they will come and view the house in order to give you an accurate sales price. But then you still need to choose the best real estate agent out of these two, read below on how to compare these agents:

  • How will each real estate agent present your home? Do you agree with this?
  • On which platforms will your house be viewable? This way you can estimate the visibility of your home, aka the target audience.
  • What sales price does the real estate agent estimate and how is this price substantiated? Does it come across as too much wet-finger work, or is there a good substantiation?
  • Do you have a good feeling about the real estate agent?

Advantages of a real estate agent in Rotterdam

A real estate agent charges quite a bit for his or her services, but it almost always pays for itself. The advantages often outweigh the disadvantage, the real estate agent’s costs.

  • The real estate agent has local knowledge of Rotterdam, so he or she knows exactly what is going on.
  • A real estate agent knows other potential buyers for your property, especially when you work with an agent who is active in your housing segment.
  • Knows the professionals you need to start the sale.
  • The real estate agent will unburden you, saving you a lot of time.
  • The real estate agent has had to negotiate with other Rotterdammers before, so he or she knows how the game works.

Featured expat real estate agents in Rotterdam

In the Featured expat real estate agents section, you will discover agents that are not necessarily the biggest or the fastest real estate agent, but agents that are popular among Rotterdam residents. Every office mentioned in Featured real estate agents has a unique feature and is known to Juiste Makelaar customers as a good, reliable real estate agent.

NVM real estate agents in Rotterdam

Most of the real estate agents in Rotterdam are members of trade associations Most of them are members of the NVM (Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents), followed by other associations such as VBO and VastgoedPro. Most of the real estate agents in Rotterdam are members of the first branche association mentioned. Within Rotterdam itself, there is the “Rotterdam Real Estate Agents Association” this is an initiative of standardised NVM real estate agents in Rotterdam. Only NVM real estate agents may join this association.

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Check out the frequently asked questions about the services of Juiste Makelaar below.

What does a real estate agent in Rotterdam cost?


Of all the real estate agents in Rotterdam, 98% charge a commission of 1.05% over the house value. This is lower than the national average of 1.18%. In addition, the Rotterdam real estate agents more often charge a low percentage. On average, 2% of the brokers charge a percentage that is lower than 0.5%. Often, the percentage can also be a fixed amount or a fixed fee.

How many brokers are active in Rotterdam?


There are 206 real estate agents active in Rotterdam at this moment.

Can I compare real estate agents for free?


We are happy to help you compare real estate agents.

Because we have been active in the real estate market for several years, we have a good network to help you find a suitable real estate agent. It does not matter whether you are buying or selling a home, we are happy to help!