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Real estate agents in Nijmegen

On average, you buy a property four times in your life, 3.8 times to be exact. An active real estate agent in Nijmegen buys and sells hundreds of homes in his lifetime. So it is clear that the local real estate agent has a lot of experience in this. So during the buying or selling process, a local real estate agent in Nijmegen, can guide you well with the experience they have, during the many transactions they have done. But how do you find the real estate agent in Nijmegen that suits you? At Juiste Makelaar, we have developed a comparison tool especially for you to make this process easier. You fill in your preferences, our real estate agent specialist will contact you to discuss additional requirements. We will then select two real estate agents for you in Nijmegen. Fill in our tool and we will help you.

Figures housing market Nijmegen

There are different types of housing market figures in Nijmegen that show how things are going. These include average house prices, the number of house transactions and the rise or fall in prices and houses sold. When asking prices rise in Nijmegen, it means there is high demand for housing in the city and people are willing to pay higher prices. On the other hand, if the number of houses sold in Nijmegen decreases, this may indicate a cooling market. This could mean that there is less demand for housing and people are less willing to pay high prices.

Top 10 real estate agents Nijmegen

The best real estate agent, the most selling or the one who sells the fastest? At Juiste Makelaar we have it all figured out for you! In the form below, you can see exactly which real estate agents are in the top 10 in Nijmegen. What Juiste Makelaar filters the estate agents in Nijmegen on:

  • Number of homes sold

The first filter is, how many homes the real estate agent has sold. So Nijmegen’s number 1 has sold the most homes in the last year.

  • Selling time in stars

How quickly the real estate agent sells a property compared to the average in Nijmegen.

  • Above or below the average asking price

Because the average is expressed in percentages, you know exactly which real estate agent in Nijmegen sells above or below the asking price on average. Of course there are also explanations such as in which segment the real estate agent sells.

Costs of a real estate agent in Nijmegen

The costs for a real estate agent in Nijmegen can vary a lot and depend on the selling price of the property. This makes it difficult to determine the exact costs in advance. However, to give you an idea, an example is given below.

The estimate of these total costs may seem high and a considerable investment, but a real estate agent in Nijmegen can often get the most out of the selling price. As a result, selling your house will also yield more.

Asking price property in Nijmegen (example) € 375.000
Average estate agent fee Nijmegen 1,38 %
Costs of real estate agent € 5.175 
Start-up costs € 500
Total costs of Nijmegen estate agent € 5.675

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Compare real estate agents in Nijmegen

What are you going to pay attention to when comparing real estate agents in Nijmegen? How do you know which real estate agent is going to get the best result for you?  With the tight housing market in Nijmegen, more and more people are looking at and/or bidding on a house. This can make it very difficult for a buyer to get the winning bid, and for a seller it can again be essential to realise the best result from the sale. This can often be done with a real estate agent. In the end, how do you distinguish between the two selected real estate agents yourself.

Compare buying agents Nijmegen

When you have little or no experience in buying a house, it is difficult to compare buying agents. After Juiste Makelaar has made the selection. It’s up to you to compare the two best buying agents. You can do this based on some tips below:

  • How active is the buying agent in the Nijmegen neighbourhood or district you are looking for?
  • What are the tasks performed by the real estate agents versus the costs charged by the buying agent? Always compare the costs including VAT.
  • Does the buying agent have a good network. Consider that the real estate agent may have good information about properties coming on the market.
  • Does she always accompany you to viewings?
  • Do the buying agents offer HuisAssist? Here you can find all the services involved in the purchase and help you from A to Z with this
  • What fees do the real estate agents charge. is this no cure no pay? Real estate agents often work with percentages or a fixed fee.

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Compare real estate agents Nijmegen

To get the best result from selling the property, a local real estate agent Nijmegen, can often achieve a good result. After Juiste Makelaar has put you in touch with the two estate agents. It’s up to you to see, which real estate agent suits you best. Below are some tips on how to compare these real estate agents from Nijmegen:

  • Compare the tasks of each real estate agent in Nijmegen. What does one real estate agent offer and the other does not.
  • Compare the costs in relation to the tasks of each real estate agent. Make sure you calculate both prices including VAT and whether it is no-cure no-pay.
  • How will the real estate agents promote your property? On which housing platforms will they post the property and also send out a mailing to existing clients?
  • Does real estate agent have a lot of sales experience in your neighbourhood or district in Nijmegen?
  • And finally, do you have a good feeling about the real estate agent?

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Benefits of a real estate agent in Nijmegen

It can be one of the biggest steps in your life when you want to buy or sell a house. Therefore, the most important thing is that this is done carefully. A local real estate agent in Nijmegen often has a lot of knowledge about the local housing market, they often know what has recently been sold or will be for sale. With a real estate agent you often stay one step ahead of the rest. So always check the market knowledge of your real estate agent where you want to buy or sell a property in Nijmegen. A local real estate agent can have a number of advantages:

  • The local real estate agent in Nijmegen often knows potential buyers or sellers
  • The Nijmegen region is a well-known and familiar area for the local real estate agent
  • The local real estate agent Nijmegen knows the market and his colleagues
  • A local real estate agent knows what has been sold recently and what will come on the market

Featured expat real estate agents in Nijmegen

Dozens of real estate agents are active in Nijmegen every year. These are not only large estate agencies, but also offices that are active for expats or one-person agencies that have a number of houses for sale per year. At Juiste Makelaar, we highlight a number of expat real estate agents from Nijmegen that are popular and have a good reputation. This does not mean that one of these real estate agents cannot be in a top 10 real estate agents list. It is convenient way to highlight the nice offices in Nijmegen.

NVM real estate agents in Nijmegen

Juiste Makelaar selects real estate agents in Nijmegen based on NVM registration. NVM stands for Nederlandse Vereniging van Makelaars in Onroerende Goederen (Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents) and is the largest association for estate agents and real estate professionals in the Netherlands. VBO and VastgoedPro are two other trade associations in the Netherlands. These trade associations ensure that real estate agents comply with set requirements and rules, thereby guaranteeing quality.

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How much does a real estate agent cost in Nijmegen?


In Nijmegen, you pay on average 1.24% of the sales price to the real estate agents. Nobody is waiting for an unnecessary brokerage fee, so it is wise to inquire in advance about what costs you will have to pay. Most real estate agents use no cure, no pay: they only charge the costs if the house is actually sold. So always ask whether there are any other additional costs (such as start-up costs).

How many real estate agents are active in Nijmegen?


There are currently 70 real estate agents active in Nijmegen.

Can I only compare real estate agents in Nijmegen?


No, at Juiste Makelaar we want to help everyone in the Netherlands to find a good real estate agent for the transfer or purchase of a home.  So it doesn’t matter if you are looking in Nijmegen or Amsterdam. We like to help!

Is this really for free?


At Juiste Makelaar (the right estate agent), we help you completely free of charge and without obligation; you owe us nothing! When you start working with a real estate agent that we have linked to you, we receive a small fee from the agent. This is them as a marketing fee.