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Estate agent in Nijmegen?

On average you buy a home four times in your life, 3.8 times to be exact. A real estate agent buys and sells hundreds of homes in his lifetime. It is therefore a fact that a broker has a lot of experience. During the buying or selling process, a local real estate agent in Nijmegen can guide you very well with the experience they have gained. During the many transactions they have performed. But how do you find the real estate agent who is right for you? At Juiste Makelaar, we have developed a comparison tool especially for you to make this process easier. You fill in your preferences, our specialist will contact you to discuss your wishes. Next, we will select two brokers for you in Nijmegen or somewhere else? Of course that is possible too! Fill out our tool and we will be happy to help you.

Compare: How does the tool work?

At the moment, more people are looking for a house in Nijmegen than are willing to sell. Ultimately, you want to get the most out of the sale of your home and buy the best property possible, unfortunately that is easier said than done. With the help of a real estate agent, you can often achieve this. Through the tool of Juiste Makelaar, it is possible to find a local estate agent Nijmegen that best suits you. How it works:

  • After you have used our tool, we will start comparing.
  • Our specialist will contact you for free and without any obligations to discuss your further wishes.
  • Then you will receive an email with the selected brokers, after that the brokers will also contact you for free and without any obligation.
  • The final choice of who you want to work with is up to you.

Benefits of a real estate agent in Nijmegen

This can be one of the biggest steps in your life when you want to buy or sell a house. The most important thing is that this is done carefully. A local real estate agent in Nijmegen often has a lot of knowledge about the local housing market, they often know what has recently been sold or will be for sale. With an estate agent, you often stay one step ahead of the rest. So always check the market knowledge of your broker where you want to buy or sell a home in Nijmegen. A local broker can have a number of advantages:

  • The local realtor often knows potential buyers or sellers.
  • The local realtor Nijmegen knows the market and his colleagues
  • The local realtor knows the city inside and out
  • The local realtor knows what has been sold recently and what is going to be on the market.

Using a real estate agent in Nijmegen

What should you pay attention to when comparing real estate agents in Nijmegen? How do you know which real estate agent will get the best results for you?  Because of the tight housing market in Nijmegen, more and more people are going to look at a house and/or start bidding on a house. This can make it very difficult for a buyer to get the winning bid and for a seller it can be essential to realise the best result from the sale. This can often be done with a real estate agent. In the end, how do you make your own distinction between the two selected agents?

Compare purchasing agents Nijmegen

When you have little or no experience in purchasing a home it is difficult to compare purchasing agents. After that,you find the two most suitable agents selection.. It’s up to you to compare the two best brokers. You can do this based on a number of tips below:

  • How active is the buying agent in the Nijmegen district or area you are looking for?
  • What are the tasks that the estate agents perform versus the costs that the purchasing agent charges? Always compare the costs including VAT.
  • Does the buying agent have a good network? Think of the fact that the broker may have good information about homes that come on the market.
  • Does she always accompany you to viewings?
  • Does the buyer’s real estate agent offer HomeAssist? Here you can find all services involved in the purchase and help you from A to Z
  • What brokerage fees do the brokers charge? Is this no cure, no pay? Real estate agents often work with percentages or a fixed fee.

Compare real estate agents Nijmegen

To get the best result from the sale of the house, a local real estate agent, Nijmegen, can often achieve a good result. After we have put you in touch with the two brokers via Juiste Makelaar. It is up to you to see who suits you best. Below are a number of tips that may help:

  • Compare the tasks of the real estate agent with each other. What does one agent offer and the other not.
  • Compare the costs in relation to the tasks of each real estate agent. Make sure you calculate both prices including VAT and whether it is no cure no pay.
  • How will the estate agents promote your property? On which housing platforms will they post the property and will they also send out a mailing to existing clients?
  • Do real estate agents have a lot of sales experience in your neighbourhood or district in Nijmegen?
  • Finally, do you have a good feeling about the real estate agent?

Living in Nijmegen,

The city of Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands. The inhabitants appreciate a green and spacious environment. For these reasons, it is also a very pleasant place to live. When you walk around in Nijmegen you will notice that many students and starters live there. Because of this, you will find many stores, cosy pubs, eateries and restaurants here.

The most famous event in Nijmegen is the Nijmegen Marches. Here sports, relaxation and the Nijmegen hospitality come together. Besides this wonderful event, there is the Zevenheuvelenloop and there are numerous concerts and festivals every year.

Nijmegen has 9 different districts, each with a different character. In the map on the right you can see the different city districts. The different districts are divided into: Nijmegen Centre, Nijmegen East, Nijmegen Old-West, Nijmegen New-West, Nijmegen Central, Nijmegen South, Dukenburg, Lindenholt and Nijmegen North. A total of 177,000 people live in Nijmegen.

Makelaar Nijmegen

1. Centrum; 2. Oost; 3. Oud-West; 4. Nieuw-West; 5. Midden; 6. Zuid; 7. Dukenburg; 8. Lindenholt; 9. Noord

Popular cities around Nijmegen:


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What our users say

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9.6 Customer ratings
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Gustavo, Diemen

1 december 2021

10/10 Excellent

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Easy and fast

They found two realtors for me very quickly, then I was able to choose the one I liked without any additional fees.

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Bassel Hafez , Zoetermeer

1 december 2021

10/10 Excellent

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Marcel is very helpful

It was very easy for my buying agent to schedule appointments for viewings and even good bids!

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Sonja, Amsterdam

27 augustus 2021

4/5 Good

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How much does a real estate agent cost in Nijmegen?

In Nijmegen, you pay on average 1.24% of the sales price to the real estate agents. Nobody is waiting for an unnecessary brokerage fee, so it is wise to inquire in advance about what costs you will have to pay. Most real estate agents use no cure, no pay: they only charge the costs if the house is actually sold. So always ask whether there are any other additional costs (such as start-up costs).


How many real estate agents are active in Nijmegen?

There are currently 70 real estate agents active in Nijmegen.


Top 10 real estate agents in Nijmegen

Top 10 most selling real estate agents in Nijmegen:

  1. Kolmeijer makelaars Nijmegen
  2. Rob Disbergen Makelaars Nijmegen
  3. Hans Janssen Garantiemakelaars
  4. Hendriks Makelaardij Nijmegen
  5. Driessen Makelaardij
  6. Hestia makelaars & taxateurs
  7. InBeeld Makelaardij
  8. Strijbosch Thunnissen Makelaars
  9. Hermsen Makelaars Nijmegen
  10. Houwen Makelaars


Can I only compare real estate agents in Nijmegen?

No, at Juiste Makelaar we want to help everyone in the Netherlands to find a good real estate agent for the transfer or purchase of a home.  So it doesn’t matter if you are looking in Nijmegen or Amsterdam. We like to help!


Is this really for free?

At Juiste Makelaar (the right estate agent), we help you completely free of charge and without obligation; you owe us nothing! When you start working with a real estate agent that we have linked to you, we receive a small fee from the agent. This is them as a marketing fee.

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